Irresponsible Speech


I pride myself on being objective and in that vain I cannot watch something like Dan Page’s 2012 address to the Oath Keepers and in good conscience not vehemently condemn his psychopathic words. He bears partial responsibility for every officer killed or injured by an offender who watched his hate speech and felt empowered by the perception that other officers share in this insanity. He bears partial responsibility for every citizen killed or injured by an officer or other citizen acting out from the mindset he was attempting to instill.

It would be easy to refute Mr. Page point by point, but the exercise seems like a waste of time due to the utter absurdity of even his more benign points like his fear of a “New Constitution.” Unfortunately, conspiracy theories are so minor compared to Page’s assertions that he’s an indiscriminate killer. While I acknowledge that the video was released before the events in Ferguson, it was always possible that his diatribe could be used to justify killing either by supporters or detractors. Never mind the possibility that his narcissistic boasts about being a fearless peerless killer might be more than boasts and actually be true.

With that said, I find it unlikely that Page’s self-aggrandizing speech is true. There is a small faction of officers who have a tendency to lie about military exploits believing that they will look cooler or more favorable as a result. The interesting and ironic reality is that those from the military with the most impressive or meritorious combat experience, typically don’t feel the need to brag about their ability or experiences. What’s more I’ve heard plenty of information and anecdotes over the last few days about Mr. Page’s background that cause me to doubt many of his assertions.

I’m not sure which is worse. Lying about being an indiscriminate killer or being an indiscriminate killer. Whatever the case, he has no place being an officer and should be held responsible for his words.

Unfortunately, there have been many to speak out over the last several days in reference to the events in Ferguson without any regard for the consequences of their assertions. Nothing quite compares to the psychosis evident in Dan Page’s speech, but there are a few others I would like to call out as well. At this point, there is almost no independently corroborated information on the shooting. Every fact that comes out from supposedly reliable sources has been discredited by another source from a supposedly reliable source. In this new age of social media news coverage, the national news has become little more than tabloids.

Everyone waits with bated breath for the funeral of Mike Brown scheduled for Monday, 8/25/2014. If Monday night concludes relatively calmly, North County St. Louis might be out of the woods for a little while until the Grand Jury comes back with a decision. Still, one thing remains indisputable. As things stand now, the protesters have not gotten what they want and the police have not stopped the protesters and looters from continuing to act out. To me that is evidence that the current standstill is not peace but an intermission.

While the violence has calmed down, crowds and aid calls have still been reported, one from the Overland area on 8/23/14 involving approximately two hundred people fighting in the streets outside of the fair that was going on near Lackland and Midland. While Overland is still generally in the North County area, it is still far removed from Ferguson. Hopefully, the call in Overland is not a precursor to violence expanded South of I-70.



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