Even If…

118Even if Michael Brown committed a robbery prior to his death…

Even if Darren Wilson gunned him down for purely racist reasons…

Even if all of the violence committed against the community in his name hadn’t happened…

Even if the local and national media had any remaining shred of dignity and hadn’t decided to sensationalize the funeral…

Today, a family would still be mourning their son regardless of who he was or who he might become.  I hope they find solace in the support they’ve found around the world and continue, to their credit, to call for calm and non-violence.  I’m not a religious man but tonight I pray for everyone: be they protester, police, innocent bystander, local residents just trying to survive, or the media…

I pray that tonight brings about quiet respectful introspection and everyone remains safe.  Police have a way of saying goodbye to each other, that I tend to think of as being a little cliched, but oddly fitting for everyone tonight.


“Hey… be safe out there.”


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