Oh Captain, My Captain

“I was at home and when I saw what I saw, I came up here to stop it.”

I’m going to set aside for a minute that Capt. Ron completely threw officers under the bus responding to a scene involving gunfire and made no effort to locate the shooter or the gun used in the event.

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This is Why There’s a Problem

54291a3612898.preview-6209/29/2014: Another night, Another aid call.  Below are two different accounts of what went on last night.  Since the accounts are contradictory, only one can be the truth.  The KMOV account indicates that things became peaceful after the arrests, while the Post makes zero reference to the activity before the arrests.  Apparently freedom of the press no longer includes ethical/truthful coverage if it ever did.



It’s All Relative

UPDATED 9/29/2014

i170+imageTwo officers were involved in shootings last night 9/27/2014.  My earlier entry indicated that a suspect was identified in one of the officer involved shootings.  That information was incorrect and has since been removed.  Apparently there was some confusion in social media stemming from a vague St. Louis City tweet.  Seeing as the tweet was posted on 9/26 this is obviously not the suspect in question.

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Public Relations

5424f7a9a0d30.preview-620A Code 2000 was called last night. My agency responded though I was not working at the time. Protests became violent near the Ferguson Police Department on S. Florissant. What preceded the violence was a series of actions by Chief Tom Jackson of Ferguson Police which included an apology speech. By all accounts, the speech was stupid. It seems law enforcement and protesters actually agree on something today even if the reasoning used by each group is diametrically opposed.


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The Song Remains the Same

542251fd14452.preview-620Rioting resumed last night, 9/23 into 9/24/2014. The scale was reduced and the extent not near as widespread as on 8/10 and 8/17, but the results sickeningly similar. Fortunately, the scale was small enough that an aid call did not result. Still, buildings burned, other fires were set, businesses were looted, gunshots were fired all over, and Molotovs were thrown. Specifically, Whistle Stop, a restaurant for those not aware, was set on fire as were a number of other buildings. At this point, I’m not clear on the extent of the damage. I do know that it wasn’t the only building victimized by arsonists.

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An Open Letter to Police Command

Protesters throw rocks and attempt to block the street after protests in reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown turned violent near Ferguson, MissouriThe picture above is the start of the blockade I referenced in “Bloody Sunday.”  That same night a CNN reporter claimed it didn’t exist.  Here it is, near Canfield, albeit much smaller than when I saw it in person.

The following letter is directed primarily to the command staff of the St. Louis County Police as well as to the Ferguson Police Department.  The focus of the letter is largely in reference to the riot response and continued protests.  This letter is not in reference to the Mike Brown / Darren Wilson Investigation.
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In Memoriam

The following is a list of (in theory) every shooting injury and death in the St. Louis area (St. Louis City and St. Louis County) since Mike Brown died on 08/09/2014. This list does not include every report of shots fired. This list does not include any incident involving shots being fired that did not result in an injury or death.

I also did not bother including the race of the suspect or victim because as it turns out the media is reluctant to report on race in shootings and that data is not readily available.  However, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, there is one exception to the media’s racial reluctance: when an officer shoots a suspect.  Imagine that.

Anyway, I intend to keep this list updated. If you have any additions or corrections, please respond in the comments section and we’ll keep this updated together. I know I’ve probably made mistakes given the various media sources I’ve scoured and the nature of inaccurate media coverage immediately following any crime. It should be noted that the St. Louis City homicide total for the year has been regularly quoted in recent days and that figure does not include totals for the county, nor accounts for injuries resulting from gunfire. Hopefully the list below will be a slightly more accurate accounting of shootings in the region.

  • Death Toll: 27
  • Injury Toll: 53
  • Incident Total: 80

UPDATED 9/24/2014

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Organizational Overlap

titleI received a forwarded email a few weeks ago in reference to an issue that was brought up in the comments section of one of my entries. Apparently, Ferguson and St. Louis County have or had been (at that point) searching a church pretty regularly. I believe the email I received begins to explain why.  My resulting investigation, which is not official by any means, revealed the following:

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I’ve seen a few comments minimizing the events in Ferguson when compared to riots in Europe.  I want to counter that argument with some audio footage I took of North County on New Years of 2014.  There is one big difference that separates these riots from otherwise similar events in Europe.  Listen to the audio and see if you can figure out what the major difference is.

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