Shootout in Country Club Hills

headerEric-FowlerThere was a shootout between an officer and a suspect in the Country Club Hills area last night.  The location was just a few blocks south on Lucas and Hunt from the Walgreens I mentioned in “Dissonance.”  Expect this post to be updated later today or tomorrow.

Updated 09/08/2014

The following are the headlines on the St. Louis Post Dispatch’s website, “” for the date of 09/08/2014 on Monday:

  • Ferguson announces changes to municipal court system, addition of police review board
  • Ferguson quiet, Patricia Bynes prepares for the challenge ahead
  • Ferguson concert brings peace



To be fair, the St. Louis Post Dispatch did cover the following stories, but they’re apparently not that important anymore. The following happened this weekend:

  • Friday 9/5/14: Six St. Louis homicides in 18 hours may all be unrelated
  • Saturday 9/6/14 during the day: Gunfire from a domestic dispute interrupts girls’ soccer game in Ferguson
  • Saturday Night 9/6/14: Woman and her baby wounded in St. Louis shooting
  • Also Saturday Night 9/6/14: Police officer injured in north St. Louis County shooting


It should also be noted that the top story on for Friday and Saturday was the following: Workers who were witnesses provide new perspective on Michael Brown shooting.


I’ll discuss that article specifically at a later date. I do not understand why that story is more important than six people being gunned down with AR-15 and AK-47 rifles. I do not understand why that story is more important than a shootout breaking out in the middle of a youth soccer game. I do not understand why that story is more important than an officer getting shot a few blocks from Ferguson’s city limits. So much for the small-town Missouri narrative.

I just have to wonder if what we’re witnessing in the media coverage of Ferguson and the widespread violence in North County/ North City is the natural evolution of the term “burying the lede.” I’m really not sure anymore what’s worse:

  • The violence is the result of justifications due to Ferguson


  • The violence is a random everyday reality of those living in North County and City


It should be noted that the officer is going to be alright in the shootout I referenced above. However, the suspect is still not in custody which makes the entire incident an on-going event. For the record, the suspect is named ERIC FOWLER. Below is his picture. If you see him, call 911 immediately. In the meantime, spread his picture around. The more exposure his face gets, the less likely he will be able to hide.



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