Topical 2.0

BvZjWSQCYAAl3bz.jpg largeTopics for today include:

  1. Why did Mike Brown’s body remain on-scene for so long?
  2. New contradictory witnesses not identified as contradictory
  3. An Update on Eric Fowler
  4. I-70 Shutdown scheduled for today

1.)  Why did Mike Brown’s body remain on-scene for so long?

From day one, I heard rumors that the scene of Mike Brown’s death was extremely volatile and even resulted in repeated shots fired. Unfortunately, all I had to go on was rumors since I was not physically present for that scene. However, now the contractor hired to transport Mike Brown’s body has decided to speak out about that day. What he tells is a harrowing story of violent crowds, gunshots, and a general atmosphere that caused him feared for his life. A few items of particular interest in the interview:

  • Mike Brown’s body was covered with a tarp within minutes following his death. This is in stark contrast to the pictures commonly used which showed the body immediately following the shooting but implied that the body was left in the street in the same state uncovered for the approximated four hours it took to investigate the incident.
  • What’s more, there has never been any acknowledgement that Mike Brown’s family realized the crowd on 08/09/2014 was violent and even they pled with the mob in order to calm everyone down so that the body could be collected. This portion of the contractor’s story is new to me and very compelling.  Watch for yourself below:


2.) New contradictory witnesses not identified as contradictory

The “new perspective” detailed in the Post Dispatch’s top story from Friday and Saturday is almost trollishly contradictory. First of all, neither party, nor their company, is named and thus there is no way to confirm that the pair was even in the area let alone at the same time that the shooting took place.  Setting those problems aside for a moment, here are a few more specific problems with the article below:

  • Worker A claims that he had a thirty minute conversation with Brown about “Jesus” but the time between the robbery and the shooting are only about ten minutes.
  • Worker A claims that he saw Brown standing still with his hands up when he was shot, but Worker B claims that Brown was approaching Wilson with his hands up and Wilson was backing up as he fired.
  • The Post Dispatch deliberately misquoted the interview with KTVI because they specifically left out the part of the quote where the worker KTVI interviewed stated, “I saw him staggering and running and when he finally caught himself he threw his hands up and started screaming OK OK OK OK OK and then the three officers come through the thing and the one just started shooting.”  Obviously, the notion of three officers being involved in the shooting is completely new information and runs completely contadictory to every witness statement including the second worker.  To compare, read both articles.  The KTVI article is below:


3.) An Update on Eric Fowler

Eric Fowler was taken into custody last night.  The county officer involved in the shootout is going to be okay.  There is speculation that if the Velda City Officer who arrived on scene at the moment of the shooting hadn’t have been there, Fowler might have attempted to finish what he started.


4.) I-70 Shutdown scheduled for today

One of the key members of the group involved in the scheduled I-70 shutdown today is none other than Eric E. Vickers who only recently had his license reinstated after being suspended by the Missouri Bar for misconduct. He was also a key instigator of the last I-70 shutdown when members of the community and Al Sharpton decided it was a good idea to punish everyone on the road for perceived problems with minority contractors.

Vickers is a member of State Senator Jamillah Nasheed’s office.  Earlier this year, he was arrested for possession of Marijuana. In a twist dripping with irony, Senator Nasheed put out a statement which went as follows:

“Eric is a valued member of my staff and a friend. My office has the utmost respect for the law and those who enforce it. I expect this matter to play itself out in a court of law and not through the media. As this is a personnel matter, I intend to not release further statements or address further media requests on it until court proceedings have reached a conclusion.”

Apparently, the criminal justice system and due process are good enough for Eric Vickers but not for Darren Wilson.  Enjoy your protest in the rain.


5 thoughts on “Topical 2.0

  1. Thank you for posting the video of the interview with the medical transporter. I find it amazing that after the media drilled the idea over and over that Michael Browns body laying in the street so long was a sign of negligence and horrible travesty, as though it proved the Officers guilt. . . but now they are not reporting on the fact that the very people who later went on to protest the shooting were likely the same people who held up his body being removed due to their mob-style chaos and violence. Not many people care to find the facts anymore. I had mentioned the fact that shots were already being fired as they were trying to clear his body on one of my blog posts, (, because I had watched a video of some member of police (I can’t remember their title) being interviewed at the scene only hours after the shooting happened, and he stated that shots had been fired as MB’s body still lay there and the mayhem had clearly already started within hours of the shooting. When I went to find the video later to source it I couldn’t find it anywhere, which is shocking due to it’s relevancy, and seems to further prove that the media and many people just don’t want to listen to reasons for why this could have happened and wasn’t the fault of the police. Anyways, I always appreciate your blog for more accurate information coming out of the area because the media has proven to be totally unreliable at this point, so thank you!


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