Oh Captain, My Captain

“I was at home and when I saw what I saw, I came up here to stop it.”

I’m going to set aside for a minute that Capt. Ron completely threw officers under the bus responding to a scene involving gunfire and made no effort to locate the shooter or the gun used in the event.

I can confirm that Ferguson PD contacted County and State for backup when things became bad last night. Let me reiterate, the radio traffic on Ferguson PD’s radio frequency (not to be confused with County First Precinct, Second Precinct, or RIOT A) outright called for both St. Louis County and the Missouri State Highway Patrol to respond to the Ferguson Police Department for help with crowd control. Seeing as Ron Johnson is still operating under his gubernatorial mandate and since the state was contacted, the above claim by the Capt. that he came to Ferguson only after watching what was happening on TV is either an out-and-out lie or his own command staff didn’t bother to contact him for some reason. The latter seems supremely unlikely. Anyone that doubts the above need only find a feed of last night’s radio traffic. Anonymous/OpFerguson has had no problem releasing radio audio footage before.

What’s more, his claims are directly contradicted by the following statement which comes from an anonymous county officer. Obviously, I will not say whom or list their rank. I also cannot confirm what Ron Johnson said directly to the county command staff, primarily because the Capt. could never be bothered to address officers himself. He stood to the side and gave orders through county. When he’s able to run into a crowd of protesters and cameras, but unable to speak with other officers present, how much of a rapport do you think he’s been able to build?

Supposedly (and I state again that the following is unconfirmed though only separated by one person), when Ron Johnson arrived on scene, he asked County Command, “Why am I here?” The notion of that question further contradicts the Captain’s supposed TV viewing that forced his presence.

County responded, “We had shots fired across the street from the police station.”

“Did they shoot at you?”

“We’re not sure, but we don’t think so.”

“Then, why am I here?”

The answer to Capt. Ron’s question is that the following crime listed below was committed within spitting distance of the police department and from the ranks of the protesters. If they are not a part of the gunfire than they are actively in danger. Capt. Ron’s flagrant disregard for the safety of everyone involved by discounting the gunfire, if the above statement is true, is a dereliction of duty and his mandate by Governor Jay Nixon.

After speaking with the crowd, Capt. Ron appeased every request by the crowd within his authority. He forced officers to fall back out of sight to the back of the parking lot, he released a county prisoner who had been arrested while protesting, and he never attempted to deal with the gunfire except a totally out-of-place preschool scolding to the crowd.

I’m going to decline to discuss in depth the “five second rule” which was apparently used in past days to arrest loitering protesters, because Capt. Ron has thoroughly put his foot in his mouth by lying about knowing about a concept he was integral to establishing. Those that doubt Capt. Ron’s involvement in the “Five second rule” need only consider the supposed “overreaction” of the other police involved in the Ferguson response. Are gung-ho officers likely to want to arrest people on an infraction ordinance charge with close to no consequence or are they more likely to want to arrest violent people shooting guns, throwing bottles, and assaulting officers with those serious offenses which carry serious consequences? What seems more likely? What concept seems more indicative of a behavior and appeasement ideology seen since the middle of August?

One last issue: There are rumors ciruclating through the police that give a much more scary account of what really happened during the shooting at I-70 and I-170.  I will not post what I’ve heard in reference to that investigation due to the fact that it’s still on-going.  However, I will say that, if true, the statements that the shooting was unrelated to Ferguson (which admittedly seems silly in principle given how and where the event took place) are not accurate.

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