Rebuttal to a “Rebuttal”


WriterRedmon on DailyKOS felt the need to write up what he or she considers a “rebuttal” to my “I’m Sick of” post.  In the interest of defining a rebuttal and addressing points made, I’m going to address the points of WriterRedmon: Continue reading


Best of Two Months

Ferguson_Day_6,_Picture_44So this blog has been around a little over two months now.  In the past several days, I’ve seen a sudden spike in viewership and just yesterday the site broke the seventy-thousand mark.  Since it seems that there’s a lot of new faces around here and I know it’s not exactly appealing to go back to the beginning and read from post one, what follows is a sort of “Best of” or “Abridged Edition” for the blog.  Thank you for your viewership and kind words, both in the comments and by email.  I urge you to keep sharing as we move into a what looks to be a series of difficult weeks. Continue reading

Class Acts: Part II

Yesterday, Fox 2 News interviewed Bassem Masri.  I believe this is the same individual who was filming the scene in Shaw I posted in my article, “With that said…”  Bits and pieces of that footage are shown during the interview.  I don’t have a lot of words for this one.  As tempers continue to escalate as the grand jury winds down in Clayton, many of the protesters are proving to be their own worst enemy.  Once again, here is another individual who, when asked what it is he actually wants, doesn’t really have an answer except for platitudes, rally cries, slogans, and hate speech.  Of course, according to Masri, “that’s emotions.”

Class Acts

Watch protesters berate and chase CNN reporters out of Ferguson last night.  At what point was it randomly decided that CNN was against them?  It certainly wasn’t the case in the first several weeks when their anchors were ranting and raving about Don Lemon (CNN) and Ryan Reily (HuffPo) after they were arrested for tresspassing.  It certainly wasn’t the case the following Sunday when CNN accused the police of lying about the barricade of cinder blocks in the street at Canfield and W. Florissant pictured below.  In the chaotic factless world that makes up the streets of Ferguson and St. Louis in general these days, I’m not sure why I’m surprised that reality still doesn’t matter.Protesters throw rocks and attempt to block the street after protests in reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown turned violent near Ferguson, Missouri

Deliberate Disclosures

target_00382623 copyThe last week or so has resulted in a number of strange leaks of inside information related to the Darren Wilson / Mike Brown investigation.  Some people are now speculating that due to the multitude of leaks being released that perhaps St. Louis County has a pretty good idea that Wilson will not be indicted and is trying to slowly release information so that it can be disseminated overtime as opposed to a sucker punch with an overwhelming drop of information.  I think there might actually be something to this theory.  However, I should note that if this theory is accurate, it doesn’t involve officers on the ground as I haven’t heard anything confirming or denying the idea.  Included below is a discussion of the leaks thus far as well as specific discussion of the official autopsy report.

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The Cycle

5439a95feaf5d.preview-620Today I’m going to discuss the concept of “white privilege” as it pertains to the criminology concepts of “labeling theory” and “strain theory.” But first, I’m going to give some brief adulation to the Normandy Police Department. Normandy, MO is the St. Louis County Municipality immediately south of Ferguson, Mo. Over the weekend Normandy officers talked a black male with a gun to his own head into voluntarily surrendering without any need for force. The officers involved in this case showed heroic restraint and care which saved a man’s life. Of course, you won’t read about this incident in the news and the media should be ashamed of themselves.

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Loss of Message

safe_image.phpThe “weekend of resistance” was and continues to be an odd mixture of causes, demographics, and minor action when compared with the looting in the days and weeks immediately following Mike Brown’s death. I’m going to try and discuss the events of the weekend day-to-day. I took notes as everything was happening so that I hopefully didn’t forget anything too big.

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An Open Letter to Protesters

fregPictured is Jamell Spann (middle) with Elizabeth Vega (right).

As the “Weekend of Resistance” looms, I feel the need to address the protesters. Demographics have shifted in recent weeks with lots of new people answering the call for justice in the case of Michael Brown/Darren Wilson. I’ve seen projections that between two and ten thousand demonstrators may be out on the streets this weekend. If I didn’t believe that many of these individuals truly intended to participate in peaceful protests, I wouldn’t bother writing this post. Unfortunately, it has become clear that there are many new arriving people who are utterly unaware of whom exactly makes up the ranks of the established protesters in Ferguson, MO. Continue reading