Deliberate Disclosures

target_00382623 copyThe last week or so has resulted in a number of strange leaks of inside information related to the Darren Wilson / Mike Brown investigation.  Some people are now speculating that due to the multitude of leaks being released that perhaps St. Louis County has a pretty good idea that Wilson will not be indicted and is trying to slowly release information so that it can be disseminated overtime as opposed to a sucker punch with an overwhelming drop of information.  I think there might actually be something to this theory.  However, I should note that if this theory is accurate, it doesn’t involve officers on the ground as I haven’t heard anything confirming or denying the idea.  Included below is a discussion of the leaks thus far as well as specific discussion of the official autopsy report.

The first leak occurred about a week ago and apparently concerned someone acquainted with the Federal civil rights investigation into Darren Wilson.  This anonymous individual spoke with the New York Times claiming that the Federal Government lacked evidence to prove a civil rights case.  As with many other supposed leaks thus far, I had to wonder if there was any truth to this or if we were merely getting another unverified claim like so many before it.  This information has yet to be contradicted.

The remaining leaks have concerned a number of supposed witnesses corroborating Darren Wilson’s story, as well as accounts of Darren Wilson’s grand jury testimony.

However, by far, the biggest bombshell to come out of the information released was the entire official Mike Brown autopsy report, which the St. Louis Post Dispatch has available for download on their webpage.  I’m going to take a moment to discuss three important concepts to take away from the document.

1.) One gunshot entered Mike Brown’s right dorsal (outer) forearm. The forearm shot indicates that Mike Brown’s hands were not raised, at least at the point of this gunshot. If his hands were up, there would have to be an entry wound for an injury sustained from the ventral inner forearm (but outward facing, palm out in the case of surrender). It should be noted that the earlier family ordered autopsy was unable to confirm entry and exit wounds due to the fact that they were the second group to examine the body after St. Louis County.  Thus, this is new information.

2.) The shots to the head and the shots to the chest share a similar trajectory to each other (all, down and right). The shots to the upper ventral arm and the lower dorsal forearm share a similar trajectory (both, up and left). The similar trajectory, particularly for the arms since they can move more dramatically than the rest of the body, indicates that the shots came from the same grouping.  For example, if Mike Brown’s hands were down at the time of the dorsal forearm shot, and then went up in surrender, the trajectory would be altered significantly.

The dorsal forearm injury indicates that his arms were either down or his forearms were up and facing in (similar to a boxer stance).  However, the boxer stance seems unlikely due to the fact that there is the entrance wound to the upper ventral arm which would have a greater chance of being blocked by the forearm. What seems impossible is that Mike Brown’s hands were straight up in the air palms out in surrender. The only way to have achieved the above scenario with the same trajectory would be for his hands to be up with his forearms (palms in) facing inward, which is an awkward stance and not consistent with any type of normal movement, let alone surrender which would be forearms out, palms out.

3.) A confrontation of some kind did take place in the car. Particulates consistent with a gunshot were located on Mike Brown’s right hand. A chunk of skin was also recovered from inside the vehicle. It seems likely that this resulted from one of the gunshots fired by Wilson within the vehicle, presumably the one that grazed Brown’s right hand.

“There seems to be an inappropriate effort to influence public opinion about this case.”
The Justice Department, apparently still in an on-going quest to remain relevent, ironically condemned the release of case materials in hopes of softening the blow of a non-indictment.  I say ironic, because after all, as I mentioned above, members of the Federal Government are apparently responsible for the first leak in this string.

This condemnation is just another in a long string of overreaches by the Justice Department without precedent or authority.  Attorney General Holder should be ashamed of himself demanding, for instance, that officers wear nametags, when officers and their families are specifically being threatened and having their addresses posted online.  Perhaps if he had been more worried about using the powers of his office to prosecute domestic terrorists attempting to find and kill Darren Wilson, or regularly making threats against officers and their families using information gleemed through cyber attacks on departmental databases and computers, there wouldn’t be the need for secrecy.  Unfortunately, his tacet approval of local, state, and federal crimes has made it clear that those of us on the ground are on our own for the duration and it’s become increasingly easy to dismiss Holder’s biased hypocritical condescending finger-wagging.


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