Rebuttal to a “Rebuttal”


WriterRedmon on DailyKOS felt the need to write up what he or she considers a “rebuttal” to my “I’m Sick of” post.  In the interest of defining a rebuttal and addressing points made, I’m going to address the points of WriterRedmon:

“I’m sick of being called a thug or a gangster.”  I don’t know you personally.  If you do not act in a way consistent with those titles than I agree you should not be labeled such.

“I’m sick of “peace officers” feeling threatened enough by my presence to shoot me.”  By your presence?  Do you find yourself on the receiving end of police gunfire often?  If not then I would argue that apparently police don’t find your presence threatening enough to shoot at.

“I’m sick of being told I’m a “fucking animal”.”  Once again, I don’t know you.  If you don’t engage in actions consistent with animalistic behavior such as but not limited to looting, rioting, burning, killing, assaulting, or threatening then I agree you should not be labeled as such.

“I’m sick of listening to shifting accounts of the official story.”  The “official story” has remained far more consistent than that of the witnesses. Investigations rely on developing information.  When information isn’t readily released, the community has demanded a more transparent process.  If you want speed of information over quality you’re going to have to sacrifice accuracy as more information becomes available.

“I’m sick of debating other humans about the rights of other humans.”  If consistent goalposts are used based upon law and precedent, there is less need for debate on what constitutes rights.

“I’m sick of marching all night long for things my forefathers marched to gain for me over 50 years ago.”  I know many of your forefathers would be disgusted with the violence perpetrated by quote unquote “non-violent protesters.”  They marched for peace.  They didn’t ransom it.

“I’m sick of everyone who clutches their purse a little tighter because I walk by.”   Violence against the community by protesters is exacerbating this.  Racism exists and is unjust but violence perpetuates it.

“I’m sick of having to announce my every move to an officer so I do not get shot.”  I’m sick of having to keep track of movement within a car during traffic stops so I don’t get shot.

“I’m sick of nightmares about being gunned down for being black at the wrong time.”  I sympathize with your nightmares.  It’s fortunate that police involved shootings are so rare and unjustified police shootings even rarer.

“I’m sick of people telling me to go back to somewhere I was stolen from.”  This is not something you should have to hear.  It’s not something I’ve ever uttered.

“I’m sick of protestors being forced to the ground and arrested by police.”  It’s fortunate then that the number of arrests have been laughably low compared to past events of unrest.  What’s more, most of those arrested have been released with slaps on the wrist.  The number of people I’ve seen arrested since this began is a fraction of those I’ve seen committing felonies.

“I’m sick of worrying if my nephews will be shot dead in 10 years.”  Hopefully, your nephews will be raised to avoid crime and become educated so they are less likely to find themselves on the receiving end of gunfire, something far more likely to come from another member of the community than an officer.

“I’m sick of worrying about the law-abiding black people afraid of being murdered by police for nothing.”  I wouldn’t worry about this so much since it statistically doesn’t happen all that often.  For example, Ferguson’s first officer involved shooting since the founding of the city involved Darren Wilson and Mike Brown.

“I’m sick of rubber bullets.”  I’m sick of situations that justify rubber bullets.  I’m sick of people pretending rubber bullet use is widespread but failing to reference live ammo flying out of the bushes at officers and the media near Canfield and abroad.

“I’m sick of having to distinguish between “good cops” and “bad ones”.”  When you’re objective, it’s really not that difficult.

“I’m sick of having my free speech marginalized by those who falsely believe we live in a “post-racial society”.”  We clearly don’t live in a post-racial society.  I’m also sick of having my free speech marginalized.

“I’m sick of being blamed for excessive use of force.”  I’m sick of people pretending all force is excessive and lying about the background circumstances.  I’m also sick of people unable to define “excessive force” nor able to cite Graham v. Connor.

“I’m sick of living in a society where the law only applies to people who look like me.”  I don’t know.  It seems like the law hasn’t been applied very much in the last several months to protesters in Ferguson.

“I’m sick of being told to wait to react from people who deny me due process.”  This comment is ironic.  Due process demands waiting for that process to play out.

“I’m sick of the phrase “If he had only done (this), then (that) wouldn’t have happened”.”  If the owner of Ferguson Market hadn’t stood up to Mike Brown stealing from him, he wouldn’t have been assaulted by having his throat grabbed.  Yeah, I’m sick of those phrases too.

“I’m sick of excuses and generalizations.”  As am I, Friend.  As am I.

“I’m sick of inaccurate and fabricated crime data.”  Citation needed.

“I’m sick of wondering if it will ever get better.”  Me too.  I don’t mean that sarcastically either.

“I’m sick of being called Nigger.”  As you should and you won’t hear that word from me.

“I’m sick of losing my voice screaming for justice.”  Pace yourself then.

“I’m sick of wondering when my phone will die during a livestream.”  If this is an implication that there is some sort of police conspiracy causing your phone to die (as I’ve heard a small number of voices suggest) feel free to cite proof.  With all of the constant streams continually available this seems supremely unlikely.  Furthermore, there’s also the fact that even if there was a magical way to bring down cell phone networks only within the confines of Ferguson, video could still be recorded directly to your phone and uploaded later.

“I’m sick of being blamed for all the crime in Saint Louis.”  Absolutist attitudes are neither fun nor accurate, are they?

“I’m sick of having conversations with people who don’t understand.”  Same here.

“I’m sick of corrupted local officials with nefarious plans.”  Citation needed.

“I’m sick of getting tear gassed.”  Me too.  I’m sick of situations warranting it as well.

“I’m sick of shows of intimidating force but being painted as the aggressor.”  Are you aware that neither is mutually exclusive?  Police can use intimidating tactics and you can still be an aggressor.  I don’t know you, so I don’t know that you were violent in the early days, but there were others who were violent and lots of them.

“I’m sick of waiting on change.  I’m sick of apathetic white people hoping this goes away.”  I’m with you on both of these.

“I’m sick of seeing Armored Personnel Vehicles for holding up signs.”  This is hyperbole.  Armored vehicles were brought in due to gunfire which first started in Canfield Green Apartments and prevented Mike Brown’s body from being moved from the roadway.  They were never brought in for people carrying signs.

“I’m sick of good cops doing nothing while bad ones run amok.”  Good cops can’t react to the legitimately bad ones when members of the community are so quick to cry wolf.  Whistle blower legislation needs to be strengthened in order to make it easier to remove the bad ones.

“I’m sick of media telling only the police version of the stories.”  If you think this is the case then you haven’t been paying attention.  The media has been unabashedly anti-police since this began.  The only people to be pro-police have been conservative voices, many of whom, like FoxNews, started out on the fence until it was clear that Ferguson wasn’t going to be championed as a Libertarian talking point like that other idiot, Cliven Bundy, was.

“I’m sick of being told that every unarmed black person deserved it.”  I have never heard this argument.  Feel free to cite examples.

“I’m sick of being told that every black neighborhood is extremely dangerous.”  There’s plenty of black neighborhoods that are not dangerous.  There’s plenty of black neighborhoods that wouldn’t shoot at the police while trying to conduct a homicide investigation and then later whine that the body was disrespected and left to lay in the street.

“I’m sick of dealing with racism every day of my life.”  Everyday seems a little hyperbolic, no?

“I’m sick of the phrase “justified police killing”.”  Police shootings frequently are justified or if not justified, then lacking evidence of wrongdoing.  If you’re going to argue otherwise then you need to cite some supporting statistics.

“I’m sick of mothers having to bury their sons instead of sending them to school.”  Me too.  This is why we have police officers.

“I’m sick of the criminal justice system working against the people.”  Expand please.  This argument could go a lot of different ways and I’d like to address it appropriately.

“I’m sick of sifting through racism on social media from people who were on my friends list.”  Maybe you should vet your friends more thoroughly.

“I’m sick of black people being arrested or beaten in their own homes for calling the
police.”  Are you arguing a specific example or arguing that this is widespread?  Both require a citation in order to continue this argument.

“I’m sick of anti-protestors not knowing how to fact check.”  This comment is a little too ironic.

“I’m sick of being accused of making police hostile and over-exaggerating how bad the race problem is in America.” Attacking or shooting at cops has a tendency to make them a tad bit hostile.  Clearly we have a race problem in America.  However, we can’t start to heal until everyone puts their biases away in favor of objectivity.

“I’m sick of the media talking about criminal records of the deceased and not about a
law-enforcement officer’s disciplinary records.”  We have evidence that Mike Brown committed the crime of robbery and stealing.  Do you have evidence that Darren Wilson has a negative disciplinary record or criminal history?

“I’m sick of being told how much compliance is needed to become a non-lethal threat.”  Phrasing?  I don’t know what you’re talking about here.  “Non-lethal threat” is not a legal term nor is it used by law enforcement.  Compliance is used but not in the context here.  Your point remains unclear.

“I’m sick of being stopped for “pedestrian checks” while I go home.”  Know your rights then.  You don’t have to stop for a pedestrian check if police don’t have reasonable suspicion to justify a Terry Stop (Terry v. Ohio).

“I’m sick of all of us being treated like the worst case scenario.”  I’m sick of being threatened with the worst case scenario should the grand jury not give the mob the answer they want.

“I’m sick of the officials controlling the entire narrative for a national audience.”  This isn’t even remotely based on reality.  Dorian Johnson controlled the narrative on the shooting for a national audience from the beginning.  All of the officials involved Governor Nixon, Capt. Johnson, Chief Jackson, Chief Belmar, Mayor Knowles, etc. have been mocked and demonized since this began.  They control nothing in the media.

“I’m sick of political pundits using this to further their own agendas and throwing the issue under the bus.”  Me too.  It’s important to acknowledge that your complaint isn’t just restricted to Ferguson.

“I’m sick of still having to protest for the right to be safe in our own streets.”  I’m sick of not being safe in those same streets while being called to back up officers who are in trouble and need help.

“I’m sick of the privilege of one officer trumping the cry for justice of an entire
community.”  It’s not privilege.  It’s a civil right.

“I’m sick of being demonized.”  I’m sick of being demonized.



6 thoughts on “Rebuttal to a “Rebuttal”

  1. To Winston Smith–well said!! I have found all of your comments logical and fair minded. It’s unfortunate you’ve had to deal with all of this, but what you have been writing gives a point of view from the reality on the ground that we would not otherwise have. It’s a shame the media didn’t have your account of August 10, 2014 early on–that was an eye opener.


  2. Thank you for taking the time to help educate that writer. It’s sad the writer only sees the world picking on him or her. If the content of ones character remains in denial then unfortunately how can there be progress. It’s ok to deny Mr. Wilson his rights. It’s ok to hold society hostage to their no justice no peace threats. It’s ok to ignore evidence. It’s sad how many r willing to be victims


  3. We thought that when the autopsy was released they’d back off the lies – they didn’t. We thought when Darren Wilson’s side of the story was leaked they’d acknowledge he was justified. – they didn’t. We though that when a dozen black witnesses verified the cops version of events they’d believe them. – they didn’t.

    It’s becoming painfully obvious they don’t want the facts to interfere with their narrative. Although in one breath they say “fuck the police” the next breath they are calling for officers help when being assaulted or involved in a traffic accident. Or threaten doctors and nurses at a hospital with the dreaded protestors wrath and “shutting your shit down” if they don’t side with their narrative.

    Now they are taking the narrative they’ve concocted out of whole cloth to Geneva. Certain protestors are making the speakers circuit around the country pushing the false narrative to fuel the fires of perceived racism and oppression.

    As long as they can maintain the narrative at any and all costs they profit. Truth, fact and reason are enemies to those involved in this charade. They want a real race war, segregation and they want all working people to support them while they bitch and moan about injustice and prejudice. After all, we owe them for everything and will continue to owe them forever more.

    It’s all a lie, carefully constructed by the key players in the background who will profit handsomely from the cannon fodder protestors they are using. It’s too bad the protestors spent more time skipping school than learning history and civics. They might have had a chance to see through the smoke and mirrors their handlers are using on them.


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