Reality on the Ground

longform-original-7455-1416935902-24Tuesday night was a little tense with more attempts at violence, particularly in front of City Hall.  However, when compared with Monday, the violence simmered quickly and everything that has happened since then has been remarkably limited in scope.  There are many who speculate that the presence of 2200 National Guardsman has curtailed the violence and there is probably more than a little truth to that. Continue reading

A Community Implodes

20141125_ferg12 I was supposed to have Sunday (11/23) and Monday (11/24) off so naturally when Monday morning rolled around, I wasn’t able to sleep very well. Perpetual midnights has a tendency to make establishing a sleep pattern difficult, particularly if you deviate from that pattern on your days off. So I only slept for about three hours Monday morning and was awake by about eleven AM. After all, since I had the night off, I knew that I could go back to sleep for a few more hours later. Instead of sleep, I opted to go run some errands instead. Continue reading

A Quick Update

carsburningUpdate: I erred in describing Michael Brown’s stepfather as Michael Brown Sr.  This has been corrected.

I survived last night.  Expect a very long post on it in the future.  I’ve taken copious notes.  A few things:

  • Grand Jury did not return an indictment
  • At least two people are dead that I’m aware of.  One person was shot and had to be transported by personal vehicle to the hospital because ambulances could not reach them.  They later passed away.
  • A second individual was shot to death and burned in a vehicle in Canfield Green apartments where Michael Brown died.  They were only discovered in the morning giving a pretty fair idea of how bad things were off of Canfield last night.
  • A University City Officer was shot.  Depending who you ask it was either in the chest or in the arm.
  • Clayton was largely spared, adding more doubt to the “out of town agitator” narrative.
  • Numerous gunshots, engulfed structure fires, injuries, etc.
  • Michael Brown’s stepfather called for the community to “Burn this bitch down!”
  • First time I’ve ever heard a “Code 5000” used.
  • Reports that this was the worst night of rioting so far are not exaggerations.

Bob McCulloch’s Press Conference

Michael Brown’s Mother and her husband react to the Press Conference


Stay Safe Out There

IfweburnI’m probably not going to be able to post much for the next several days.  I hope and pray that everyone stays safe: police, protesters, and anyone else who might find themselves caught in the middle.  With a little luck everything will remain peaceful and we’ll all be laughing about how stupid the hype was leading up to this week.

Unraveling Responsibility

1506665_10201900619249608_372472656_nPictured above is Olajuwon Ali. His back tattoo is a picture of a black panther attacking a bald eagle.

The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) has decided to draw the ire of the FBI this week with two of their members, Olajuwon Ali and Brandon Baldwin, indicted for attempting to use fraudulent information to obtain firearms for third parties. See attached indictment document. What has yet to be officially confirmed by the FBI, though widely rumored, is that these two individuals were also picked up in relation to an attempt to obtain pipe bombs in order commit a terrorist attack against the St. Louis Gateway Arch. Further rumors report that either one or both of these men admitted to Federal authorities that they were part of an effort to obtain firearms with the intent of killing as many law enforcement officers as possible following the Grand Jury Indictment decision in the Michael Brown shooting. To be fair, nothing besides the indictment information is confirmed at this point.

547004e3658b3.pdf Continue reading



A report by CNN this morning indicates that Darren Wilson is in the “final steps” of resigning from the Ferguson Police Department.  While no one objectively expected him to go back to work full-time (with the exception of maybe Tom Jackson), the reason for him to resign at this point doesn’t make a great deal of sense even if there are a lot of people in the community who want this result.  For one, if his goal was not to influence the grand jury, the grand jury hasn’t made their final decision yet.  For another, I don’t think anyone objectively believes that his lack of employment will calm any protests if he is not indicted.

With that said, I found myself overwhelmed with an intense sense of Deja Vu’ when listening to Evan Perez claiming that he has inside sources within the Ferguson City government.  Here’s why: