Journalistic Integrity


So I was reading an article written by Sarah Kendzior and Umar Lee posted October 21 and linked above.  Of particular interest to me was the following quote, “Some Wilson supporters believe there is a hidden narrative of events. Tiffany believes the media “refuse to show the videos of the protesters/domestic terrorists pointing guns at police officers and threatening them.” (No such videos are known to exist.)”

Since such evidence is unknown to Ms. Kendzior and Mr. Lee, I feel obligated to enlighten them.  As far as evidence of guns being pointed at the police are concerned see below from Bassem Masri‘s video dated October 9th about eleven days before the Kendzior/Lee article:

possgun1 possgun2 possgun3Either they didn’t fact check thoroughly enough or their ignorance is ironically evidence of the claim they imply is baseless. Perhaps they are unaware of video like this one because the narrative has been so skewed? Of course, it’s quite a bit more likely that they simply pick and choose the evidence most beneficial to their narrative.  Regardless, what follows is a few more examples of non-officer firearms within the Ferguson protests:



gun gun28/9/2014:

I have to wonder why it is so hard to believe that the community represented in the video immediately below is incapable of pointing weapons at and threatening officers:

Oh and in reference to threats?:

4aadl2Spann8rbg1rbg2rbg3rbg4rbg5rbg6Umar and Sarah, If you’re going to pretend to be journalists, try and pretend a little more convincingly that you’re objective too while you’re at it.



4 thoughts on “Journalistic Integrity

  1. The “protestors” were definitely armed. Not a fan of the song but there’s a good video clip to be extracted from this video at about 1:47-1:53


  2. They lost any credibility with most of the public when no one denounced the overt threats and assaults on law enforcement and the general public who got in their way. There is a clip about a month ago of Bassem telling a “brother” to cover up the gun he was flashing, that it was ok. I believe it was at the Cardinals game. Some woman protestor hurried the “brother” out of the way.

    The so called journalist Sara disregarded many facts in her re-telling of events while doing interviews. From the lie that police “let his uncovered body decompose in the heat for 4 hours” … * the body was covered by sheets within 15 minutes and remained covered, verifiable with video evidence. ** decomposition does not happen in the span of 4 hours. *** the crowd became so unruly with gunfire and fighting it wasn’t safe for the body transporter to even get out of his vehicle for 4 hours – verifiable with interview of transporter.

    All the above plus more is included in the Ferguson to Geneva pdf outlining the “atrocities committed by the Ferguson police department on innocent protestors”. The international community has real atrocities and bloodshed it needs to be concerned with, rather than a felon who was killed (not murdered) by law enforcement while trying to take down the officer.

    If the protestors think their grievances are on par with the murders of entire villages and towns, forced genital mutilations, crucifixions, beheadings and more, they need to take a reality pill and pay attention to the real news from around the globe. Civilized societies do not glorify criminals.


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