False Alarm

10007455_307062726158841_8581588232968569177_nIt seems as though the November 10th date for the release of the Grand Jury decision was a hoax. Perhaps it was intentional, but a hoax nonetheless. It was even being widely spread throughout law enforcement. If this date was released intentionally, it was an epic success because now, when a date is inevitably leaked in the future, no one will believe it is legitimate until the decision officially comes out. Also, many people losing their minds about military gear in and around the St. Louis area apparently forgot that Veteran’s Day was this weekend.

A few topics for today:

  1. -FAA No Fly Zone
  2. -UMSL Student Beating
  3. -Mike Brown’s mother
  4. -Darren Wilson Bounty
  5. -Eric Holder and SLU

1.) FAA No Fly Zone

Interesting that a few weeks after United States Attorney General Eric Holder threw a media temper tantrum in relation to investigative leaks he implied were from the St. Louis County government (though the most surprising leak was in reference to the Federal civil rights investigation), the Federal Government through the Federal Aviation Administration released a supposed bombshell report that the County Police requested a No Fly Zone back in August only for the Media. In fact the wording of the claim by the FAA was that the county police beat around the bush before eventually admitting that the no fly zone would simply be for the media, as if the FAA official had to coax an admission out of the police who knew they were up to no good. This implication is obviously in support of the media suppression narrative and is clearly being used to further demonize the County Police.

However, there are a few notable problems to overcome with the FAA’s allegation. First of all, the County Police allege that they were first contacted by the FAA, not the other way around, after the FAA received reports of laser pointers and gunshots. At this point this claim seems unverifiable as a he-said/she-said. Still, it is not the only problem to overcome even if the FAA’s claim is true.

Second of all, the need to restrict air travel from helo traffic is obvious when the County’s helicopters were providing illumination and intelligence, all the while trying to avoid gunfire. I remember one specific incident when those of us on the ground back on August 17th were warned not to go into Sharondale Circle Apartments because County’s Helicopter saw people with objects on the balconies and secondary parties just outside the complex appearing to be trying to goad us into chasing them, presumably into an ambush situation. The last thing the police helicopters needed to worry about was further air traffic saturated by the media. Furthermore, it’s not like media helicopters have never crashed into each other while covering an event.


In that case, the helicopters weren’t taking fire from any sources let alone numerous ones.

Thirdly, the need to restrict media helicopters while excluding commercial traffic from the No Fly Zone is obvious due to the fact that helicopters remain stationary from time to time and move a lot slower than airplanes taking off or landing at nearby Lambert International. It’s hard enough to hit a moving target 7-25 yards away from you, let alone one moving somewhere around three or four hundred miles per hour. Furthermore, admitting that the target of the No Fly Zone was media helicopters is not all that surprising because the media is the only other large group of people with helicopters to saturate the skies over Ferguson. Most people who own helicopters privately would not be stupid enough to risk their lives and their aircraft flying into a warzone like Ferguson was in the middle of August.

Finally and most importantly, if the FAA was given a request that they found illegal or unconstitutional, why did the FAA not deny the request? The County Police have no authority over any Federal agency. The obvious answer to my question is that even the FAA felt that the No Fly Zone was justified due to a vested interest in public safety and well within the limits of the constitution. The release of their complaint now, almost three months after the fact rings hollow when they were ultimately in charge of the No Fly Zone decision and it just happens to be after the Federal Government started trying to punish the County Police in the media for the investigation leaks.

2.) -UMSL Student Beating

A white UMSL Student and Protester was beaten and hospitalized while attending a strategy meeting at St. Mark’s Church off of Chambers a few days ago. This is the same church that I’ve written about before and had several mentions made by others in the comments section. It was used as a safe house back in August and was raided more than once by Ferguson Police. OBS sent out emails trying to get donations to resupply the location. As far as the beating itself is concerned, I don’t have much to say that the victim can’t say for himself in social media.

3.) -Mike Brown’s mother

Leslie McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown, has been in the news quite a bit lately. There is a bit of discussion about a prospective robbery charge, not to be confused with the allegations levied at her son. I’ve heard varying accounts about this situation so I’ll describe the rumor I’ve heard on the Law Enforcement side.

Apparently, one of Mike Brown’s relatives (an uncle, maybe?) had set up a stand selling various Mike Brown merchandise featuring his name and likeness. Leslie found out about this and showed up at the stand flanked by a number of friends, family, and followers. She demanded that the relative either give her a cut of the profits or take the stand down. This demand eventually resulted in a large fight between all involved. Michael Brown’s grandmother either struck someone with a pipe or was struck by a pipe in the melee.

Now, officials are discussing whether or not to bring Leslie up on charges for armed robbery, since it sounds like, per the letter of the law, she either attempted or succeeded in taking property that did not belong to her by force with the use of weapons (pipes). This story is apparently complicated by the fact that a number of benefactors have seen fit to pay for her and a number of other Ferguson voices like Tef Poe (why?) to go to the UN in Geneva to speak in reference to police abuse.

At the moment, it’s unclear if there is a scheduled event or if these parties are simply going to show up in Geneva. If there is an event scheduled, it seems odd that it would take place in Geneva and not New York given the location of the Ferguson locals.

4.) -Bounty on Darren Wilson

wilsonbounty The RBG Black Rebels (who a friend of mine has humorously taken to calling ‘real bad guys’) has put out a $5000 dollar bounty on the location of Darren Wilson. They claim that they simply want to find Wilson in order to ask him some questions. Interestingly, this group has been one of the loudest voices for violence in the last several months. They even called for unsuspecting officers to be killed by mask wearing members of their organization over Halloween. Fortunately, that turned out to be all talk and I’m willing to bet that this will turn out the same way.

Still, it is yet another example of direct threats being made over the internet and it is further evidence of Eric Holder’s dereliction of duty that these individuals are not charged with the terroristic threats they’ve been making for months now.

5.) -Eric Holder and SLU

Still, while Holder cannot be bothered to enforce the law as it pertains to violent groups like the RBG Black Rebels which would make the streets safer for legitimately peaceful protesters, he has found time to send a message to the president of St. Louis University in reference to his handling of the protesters that camped out on his campus during the weekend of resistance. Why he feels the need to speak in reference to this topic period, let alone at this time, is confusing.  It’s the equivalent of St. Louis Cardinals Catcher Yadier Molina sending a letter to Neil deGrasse Tyson congratulating him on his latest publication. There’s nothing to stop Yadi from contacting the physicist but it doesn’t make a lot of sense why he would do so.



8 thoughts on “False Alarm

  1. -FAA No Fly Zone
    -UMSL Student Beating
    -Mike Brown’s mother
    -Darren Wilson Bounty
    -Eric Holder and SLU

    Why do you say the Nov. 10 release date is a hoax? As I write this it is barely 4AM!

    1. FAA No Fly Zone
    Declaring a civilian No Fly Zone over Ferguson and surrounding neighborhoods makes complete sense. While there is the potential for a mid-air collision of news choppers, they generally police themselves when not under the direction of Air Traffic Control, which is often the case. Those choppers would be flying at different altitudes from each other. And by law they must maintain an altitude much higher than law enforcement copters.

    2. UMSL student beating
    It wasn’t clear from your post or his video if he was attacked during the meeting. If so, it shouldn’t be difficult to find and arrest the thugs who attacked him. The majority of the protestors want peaceful demonstrations, but there are others who are there to make trouble, either because they think the peaceful protests aren’t effective or because, well, because they’re thugs. That kid was obviously traumatized by what happened to him. Hopefully either donations will pour in to cover his bills or the hospital will consider the circumstances and let him off the hook or at least work with him to pay his bills.

    3. Mike Brown’s Mother
    This is the first time I’ve heard this. If true, and if he is either selling Mike Brown’s likeness or even some of his belongings, her lawyer should hit him with a cease and desist demand. I imagine she would prevail in a civil claim against him. And if he’s selling Brown’s belongings, that could be a criminal matter since obviously Mike Brown didn’t give him permission and his belongings would likely go to his mother as next-of-kin.

    4. Darren Wilson Bounty
    This sounds more like a thinly disguised Wanted: Dead or Alive bounty. If there was to be a Q&A between Wilson and this group, there’s no reason for a face-to-face meeting. But it’s not going to happen, anyway. I’m sure Wilson has been given very strict instructions by his legal team to discuss his situation with No-ONE except official investigators and prosecutors. And even if, for some inexplicable reason they were to allow him to discuss the situation, they would never allow him to do so without them present and controlling the interview. He would be strongly advised by them to not even talk to investigators without counsel. Prosecutors must adhere to that once he expresses that as his desire. Except in the Grand Jury room. Counsel for the person facing indictment can be present but cannot communicate with him in while the Grand Jury is present. They can step outside the room and talk. As for Eric Holder pursuing them, we don’t know that there isn’t an active investigation of them and their activities. I suspect there would be.

    5. Eric Holder and SLU
    Again, we aren’t privy to communications between the administration at SLU and the Attorney General’s office. It’s quite possible the President of the school initiated contact with the AG’s office seeking guidance or other assistance. And the timing should not be confusing at all. Now is the perfect time for there to be involvement. If NOT now, WHEN?


    • I have to claim privileged information on the time frame. Either, trust me or wait for confirmation this afternoon when nothing happens.

      1.) The problem is that what they do generally has little to do with how they react when taking fire.
      2.) He was inside during the meeting when the attack took place. The problem is identifying who specifically his attackers were and getting people to come forward as witnesses when the protesters have not exactly been willing to turn in their own when committing crimes, some of which were far worse than third degree or maybe a barely second degree assault.

      There may be a gofundme in reference to his injuries. I can’t find it at the moment but if someone finds it and wants to post it in the comments, I won’t take it down.
      3.) I agree. All of your examples are much more valid responses to the situation than the mafia-esque shake down and apparent robbery that transpired.

      Here’s another account:

      4.) The implication is clearly violence. A group that has been espousing violent revolution and the murder of officers for months doesn’t get to claim that this one time, when in reference to someone they despise and consider a murderer, that they just want to have a peaceful conversation. There might be an active DOJ investigation, but when they make direct threats and have, as on Halloween, given a time table for their threats, failing to act falls squarely on his office when the crime and the evidence thereof is available for all to see on Twitter. From the demands his office has been making on the county it is clear that he does not care what happens to the officers on the ground.

      5.) While we aren’t privy to all of their conversations, we are privy to the conversation that his office decided to make public. I would welcome direct involvement if it meant lightening tensions and reducing the danger on the ground. However, the Federal Government has made it abundantly clear that they aren’t willing to take any direct action that will shift responsibility for whatever happens next from local authorities onto the Justice Department or the White House.

      The proper response should not be patting a local authority on the back who didn’t have to deal with a fraction of the violence we faced in Ferguson as some icon of how to respond properly to protests. It’s clearly meant as a slap in the face to other local authorities whom Holder has been quick to criticize. It’s Apples and oranges.


  2. If Michael Brown’s parents are going to Geneva Switzerland to talk about “police abuse”, in the interest of equal time and fairness, perhaps a police officer should go also and talk about the other side of this issue. “Dissonant” WInston Smith would be a great choice, as is clear after reading this blog. The reporting on this has been so one-sided.


  3. Also, it became clear last week on election night when Bob McCulloh was being interviewed by a KSDK reporter, and he happened to mention that at that time, his prosecutors were still presenting evidence to the grand jury. At that time, it should have been clear the chance of a November 10 announcement was pretty slim at best.


  4. Hmmm. I think the one-sided reporting is more a case of Brown’s family, supporters, protestors and the like NOT being restrained. Some are TRYING to keep reports in the news. Where there’s nothing new to report, they just spin the story and rehash it, making it, if not newsworthy at least news. Reporters and editors and broadcasters are glad to buy into it because it “sells.” Whereas the prosecution, law enforcement and Officer Wilson are CONSTRAINED and are not allowed to talk to the press. The prosecutors don’t want to jeopardize their case, nor does the defense. So there’s no news to report on that front.


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