Class Acts Part Three

1551734_10201056958656765_138514406_nPictured above is Jermaine Wooten, attorney for the family of Vonderitt Myers.  Today, he joins the ranks of other notable local class acts featured on this blog by releasing the name of the officer in the Shaw neighborhood shooting case.  According to STL Today, the officer’s name was accidentally attached to evidence forms sent to Myers’ funeral parlor.  Despite claims of malfeasance by protesters in the aftermath of the shooting there has been zero evidence presented that the St. Louis City Officer did anything other than return fire when fired upon by Vonderitt Myers in the Shaw neighborhood.

Even after Wooten combed through the officer’s social media footprint, the only items the attorney identified as notable were that the officer was conservative and a Marine.  FYI, in case you aren’t aware because until today I wasn’t as well, if you self identify as conservative and a Marine it can apparently be used against you as evidence that you’re guilty of a crime.  …or at least Jermaine Wooten seems to think so.

STL Today also makes reference to a case from 2001, when the officer was still in high school at Parkway West.  Fair trade, if an “attempted unlawful use of weapons” charge from thirteen years ago due to the officer having a pair of throwing knives in his glove box can be used as evidence of the officer’s character, then Vonderitt Myers’ gun charge from June of this year is fair game as well.

Due to the release of the information pertaining to the St. Louis City officer when viewed from the lens of the direct threats made against other local officers and their families (like Darren Wilson and 5k bounty)…

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…is my selection for Class Act of the Day.


3 thoughts on “Class Acts Part Three

  1. I was not raised with racism or as a racist. 40 plus years ago best friends of my parents, white, were black parents, black. Before the African American bs, his ancestory was jamica, hers India, mine Italy. What would we hyphenate ourselves ? Back then we were Americans, all of us, no color or,hyphen. Just us.

    Now? I see color, and I carry mace. I’ve been taught that.


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