List of Demands

n-FERGUSON-POLICE-large570By now, most people have seen the list of demands of the local, state, and county government by protesters in reference to the ongoing crisis in Ferguson.  For those that have not, see below: demandsSince, the release of the list of demands, according to St. Louis City Mayor, Francis Slay, and St. Louis County Executive, Charlie Dooley, police have agreed to a number of the demands.  Why these two are discussing supposed compromises by police leadership and not the Unified Command is puzzling to say the least.

Still, I could go into a point-by-point in depth discussion of the absurdity of many of the demands such as the ban on “limiting cell or internet access,” which for the record is not within the ability of the police responding to Ferguson.  However, I think I have a better compromise than any direct response to the list above.  It seems to me what we need is a series of documents, agreed upon by democratic process, that govern acceptable and unacceptable behavior.  Oh wait:



3 thoughts on “List of Demands

  1. Some of the protesters seem to have only the remotest grasp of what even the most basic US law document (the Constitution and Bill of Rights) actually means.. I’ve run across any number of quotes like this one:

    “I think the agitators are really the police. A plastic bottle isn’t going to hurt anyone,” Jenkins said. “We’re being peaceful and they’re still trying to control us. “ (from here:

    In other words, throwing bottles at someone constitutes “peaceful protest” in many protester’s minds, therefore the police are violating their first amendment rights by breaking up riots. I keep thinking of Horace’s statement, “Laws without morals are in vain.” The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are probably the best legal documents man has ever come up with, IMHO, but if we are free to redefine words at will in order to defend what we are doing, or to condemn those we don’t like, then good laws become meaningless.


  2. It’s an interesting list, to say the least. I hope the protestors know that the law enforcement agencies already HAVE their own lists that are not negotiable on the street. Things like the US and state Constitutions, federal, state, county and municipal laws and ordinances.

    I don’t expect any police officer to stand idly by and accept being pelted with “water bottles” especially knowing full well that those bottles likely contain liquids other than water, including bodily fluids, chemicals, flammable liquids. No one should be expected to tolerate that.

    The police MUST have rubber bullets, tear gas, water hoses and, yes, even live rounds available to them from the beginning. No reasonable group can expect that another, adversarial group, will just push pause while the first group returns to the command center to gather equipment, supplies and weapons better suited for the threat they face. That’s ludicrous to think the police will show up purposefully underequipped.

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