A Quick Update

carsburningUpdate: I erred in describing Michael Brown’s stepfather as Michael Brown Sr.  This has been corrected.

I survived last night.  Expect a very long post on it in the future.  I’ve taken copious notes.  A few things:

  • Grand Jury did not return an indictment
  • At least two people are dead that I’m aware of.  One person was shot and had to be transported by personal vehicle to the hospital because ambulances could not reach them.  They later passed away.
  • A second individual was shot to death and burned in a vehicle in Canfield Green apartments where Michael Brown died.  They were only discovered in the morning giving a pretty fair idea of how bad things were off of Canfield last night.
  • A University City Officer was shot.  Depending who you ask it was either in the chest or in the arm.
  • Clayton was largely spared, adding more doubt to the “out of town agitator” narrative.
  • Numerous gunshots, engulfed structure fires, injuries, etc.
  • Michael Brown’s stepfather called for the community to “Burn this bitch down!”
  • First time I’ve ever heard a “Code 5000” used.
  • Reports that this was the worst night of rioting so far are not exaggerations.

Bob McCulloch’s Press Conference

Michael Brown’s Mother and her husband react to the Press Conference



9 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. Glad to hear you’re okay. Praying that everyone working there manages to stay safe. Praying tonight will be quieter. Praying that the University City office will heal alright. Praying for the frightened people, hiding in their homes. Praying for everybody out there, really.

    The whole transparency thing with the Grand Jury sounds good in theory, but if I wonder if some of the witnesses might feel like they’ve been thrown under the bus by the Powers That Be. The names are gone, true, but there’s still a lot of identifying info in some of the witness statements. I sure hope neither of the murder victims were witnesses.

    Brokenhearted over the small business owners whose work is being destroyed. For the owners themselves, but also because it’s yet more evidence for the kids living there that trying to make it isn’t worth the effort, and that it’s the people who’re destructive who really have the power in this world. That message is painfully pervasive in those neighborhoods even in good times; I can’t imagine how hard it must be to overcome after something like this.


    • It was not him, but the second husband. Not sure of his name. Maybe McSpadden? Anyway, there we so many people out there yelling that kind of thing, I doubt they’d charge him. Doing so might trigger more trouble, given he was Brown’s step-father.


  2. Don’t know if those animals destroying people’s lives are from out of town or local people. Either way it is extremely stupid. It especially doesn’t make sense to me. And it definitely won’t change the decision. After it is all said and done the people that are stuck in Ferguson can’t even get a Big Mac or auto parts or prescriptions filled or a cake without having to drive to another city that they didn’t burn down. And for sure the only thing that they proved to this person is how utterly ignorant they are. No amount of destroying the things that other people have worked so hard for will ever convince the sane population of this country that officer Wilson should have been indicted. Stay safe out there.


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