Class Acts Part Three

1551734_10201056958656765_138514406_nPictured above is Jermaine Wooten, attorney for the family of Vonderitt Myers.  Today, he joins the ranks of other notable local class acts featured on this blog by releasing the name of the officer in the Shaw neighborhood shooting case.  According to STL Today, the officer’s name was accidentally attached to evidence forms sent to Myers’ funeral parlor. Continue reading

Just the Facts


Below is an open letter to Sarah Kendzior, an individual whom I have discussed before in reference to Umar Lee and her article which tried to deny the existence of gunfire directed at officers during the protests/riots.  In my opinion, that theory was pretty thoroughly debunked here:
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State of Confusion

proxySo Governor Nixon has preemptively declared a State of Emergency in St. Louis ahead of further possible riots resulting from a Grand Jury decision in the shooting of Michael Brown. The problem is that while this sounds ominous, the reality is that nothing much has changed. The executive order detailing the deployment of the National Guard leaves the entire issue eyebrow-raising-ly vague. While it’s clear the Guard is only meant to be used in a support role, there is zero information on where the guard will be deployed (even as far as cities) or how many guardsman will even be in the area.

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Another Puzzle Piece

robberystrongarmedrobbery2For months now, there has been speculation about whether or not Darren Wilson was aware that a robbery had occurred at Ferguson Market on 08/09/2014 when he first made contact with Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson.  Seemingly answering that question, the Post Dispatch just released recently obtained audio of the radio traffic at the time in question.  The radio traffic reveals that Darren Wilson had every reason to be aware of not only the robbery but of the suspect descriptions describing Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson.  Analysis to follow:

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In The Interest of Fairness



Some people I’ve spoken with, even in the Law Enforcement community, are unaware of where the mask typically used by Anonymous members comes from.  The mask is known as a Guy Fawkes mask and was popularized in the 1982 graphic novel and subsequent 2006 movie, V for Vendetta.  Guy Fawkes was a pro-catholic terrorist who attempted to blow up the British Parliament in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 consistent with the rhyme, “Remember, Remember the fifth of November.”

While I’ve been critical of the loosely connected group known as Anonymous for a multitude of reasons including but not limited to their release of personal information pertaining to officers and their families, as well as their attempt to identify and silence informants, they’ve taken a new tact recently that even I don’t have a problem with.  Anonymous is current identifying members of the Ku Klux Klan on twitter.  If this action is based upon evidence or self-identification, and not simply a redneck witch-hunt, they won’t see me shedding a tear for the racists they out.  Credit where credit is due, this seems like a noble goal from a group typically lacking in such.  We’ll see how the execution of that goal plays out.

Internationally Speaking

tefpoedresseduphypocriteMichael Brown’s parents, along with other geopolitical/criminological experts like Tef-Poe (is that a cardigan?), are currently attending meetings in Geneva, Switzerland in reference to supposed American Police abuses. In honor of their noble efforts, I thought I would help give them an international perspective with which to frame their arguments. While decrying the militarization of the police and in particular the militarization of American riot police, I thought it would also be wise to bring up a number of other more progressive countries with police forces who have engaged in actions in recent history which may have been forgotten. Forgive my following attempt at humor: Continue reading

False Alarm

10007455_307062726158841_8581588232968569177_nIt seems as though the November 10th date for the release of the Grand Jury decision was a hoax. Perhaps it was intentional, but a hoax nonetheless. It was even being widely spread throughout law enforcement. If this date was released intentionally, it was an epic success because now, when a date is inevitably leaked in the future, no one will believe it is legitimate until the decision officially comes out. Also, many people losing their minds about military gear in and around the St. Louis area apparently forgot that Veteran’s Day was this weekend.

A few topics for today:

  1. -FAA No Fly Zone
  2. -UMSL Student Beating
  3. -Mike Brown’s mother
  4. -Darren Wilson Bounty
  5. -Eric Holder and SLU Continue reading

Confirmation Bias

B1FetGVIUAAGwTg.jpg largeToday, I will discuss the Amnesty International USA report on Ferguson as well as some interesting information on the leadership of the report from the US based segment of an international organization. The report on Ferguson specifically was filed by Amnesty International USA. The use of the term “International,” particularly when cited by protesters, is intended to imply that some objective third party from out of the country has been witnessing events in Ferguson and deemed them as follows in the discussion below. Continue reading

Journalistic Integrity


So I was reading an article written by Sarah Kendzior and Umar Lee posted October 21 and linked above.  Of particular interest to me was the following quote, “Some Wilson supporters believe there is a hidden narrative of events. Tiffany believes the media “refuse to show the videos of the protesters/domestic terrorists pointing guns at police officers and threatening them.” (No such videos are known to exist.)”

Since such evidence is unknown to Ms. Kendzior and Mr. Lee, I feel obligated to enlighten them.  As far as evidence of guns being pointed at the police are concerned see below from Bassem Masri‘s video dated October 9th about eleven days before the Kendzior/Lee article: Continue reading