Witnesses: Part II

74870004Crime Scene Detective #2, St. Louis County Police
(Pictured above is Darren Wilson, not the Detective)

All Page Numbers are in reference to total 4799 page PDF.


Summary of important topics:

  • -This detective arrived at the hospital at 1420.
  • -Darren Wilson was already in the emergency room.
  • -Visible marks to his face and neck.
  • -Blood on his pants.
  • -Blood on his shirt.
  • -Darren Wilson’s Gun was recovered at the Ferguson PD after leaving the hospital.
  • -Gun was not fingerprinted due to DNA swab for blood.
  • -Latent prints are unlikely to be present due to the conditions of a struggle. I can confirm this is consistent with the rarity of obtaining usable fingerprint evidence in the first place.
  • -One intact bullet was with the gun, indicating with previous witness 12 shots plus one in the chamber for Wilson’s Sig Sauer.

Page 288

Q: And so about what time did you arrive at the hospital?

A: 2:20 p.m.

Q: And where was Darren Wilson?

A: He was in the ER room.

Page 298

Q: And when you, I know you didn’t examine him like a doctor, did you see anything on him that indicated that he had been bleeding?

A: No, ma’am.

Q: No open wounds?

A: None that I observed, no.

Q: Did you ask him if he had been bleeding or if he was cut?

A: I did.

Q: And what was his response?

A: He said no.

Page 299

A: That was one of the injury complaint sites by Darren Wilson. He complained that his face was hurting. So when I asked him specifically, he pointed to these sides of his face. We’ll get to it shortly, but also the back of his neck.74870013 74870010 74870008

Page 301

Q: Did you examine his hands?

A: I looked at them, I did not examine them.

Q: Okay. did he complain that his hands were injured or hurting in any way?
A: No, ma’am.

Q: When you looked at his hands, did you see the backs of his hands?

A: I did.

Q: And did you notice anything that appeared to you that might indicate an injury to the backs of his hands?

A: No, ma’am.

Page 302

Q: Did you talk to him about those pants?

A: I did.

Q: And did he show you anything on the pants?

A: He said there was blood on his left thigh.

Q: And did you look at the pants?

A: I did.

Q: Did you see something that was some type of stain on the left thigh of his department trousers?

A: I did. There was a reddish stain on the upper thigh area.

Q: And did you photograph those pants in the hospital?

A: No ma’am we did that at Ferguson Police Department.74870032 74870033

Page 305

A: After meeting with Detective REDACTED, Darren Wilson, Lieutenant Colonel REDACTED we entered Ferguson Police Department and went to their detective bureau. I was told that’s where Officer Wilson or Darren Wilson’s department issue firearm was, his uniform shirt and that’s where we were making arrangements to have clothes brought to him so I could document the uniform that he was wearing and also seize those uniform pants from him.

Q: And so why you went into the detective bureau, did you locate the weapon?

A: Yes, I inquired of its whereabouts and I was told that someone had placed Darren Wilson’s department issued side arm in an evidence envelope, which was sealed. It was on a desk there in the detective bureau with other detectives from that department present.

Q: And did you locate that envelope with the firearm inside of it?

A: I did.

Q: And you said it wasn’t seal, did you remove the contents of the envelope?

A: I did.

Q: What was inside the envelope?

A: His department issued Sig Sauer firearm, the magazine and one live round, and that’s how the firearm was placed in that envelope. I did not download that weapon when I inquired about it. I was told that Darren Wilson had downloaded the weapon and then probably at the direction of a supervisor, it was placed in that envelope and merely for conveyance purposes, I assumed from the scene back to Ferguson Police Department until I arrived.

Q: But that was not your firsthand knowledge correct?

A: No, ma’am.

Q: So the gun, the empty magazine and one live round was in the envelope?

A: Correct.

Page 315

Q:…just point with the pointer the areas of that weapons that you swabbed?

A: The entire slide area, all three sides of it and this area on both sides.

Q: And so that would include the reddish stains or the reddish substances that you could see on that weapon?

A: Yes.74870022

Page 315

Q: Do you check for fingerprints in the gun?

A: No, it is the officer’s gun.

Q: You don’t check for fingerprints?

A: No, the magazine in light of these circumstances.

Q: No, the magazine, in the gun, when he holds the gun?

Q2: Let me address that because that’s a good question.

Q: I’m sorry.

A: That’s great.

Q: I kind of skipped over that, let talk about that right now.

A: Sure.

Q: So when you were, were you told that there was a physical struggle over this weapon?

A: I was.

Q: And were you told that Michael Brown may have had his hands on the weapon?

A: Yes.

Q: So was there some discussion between you and other officers about swabbing versus fingerprinting?

A: There was.

Q: Okay. Have you all had a fingerprint expert testify before you before?

All jurors indicate no.

Q: On a surface like this firearm, how would go about examining that, do you want those firearm pictures again?

A: Just let me have one of them please, ma’am.

Q: How would you go about looking on that weapon for fingerprints?

A: Okay. Based on the information that I was told regarding the incident, I was informed that Darren Wilson while holding his firearm, his department issue pistol, while he’s holding it, there was a struggle between Mr. Brown and Mr. Wilson while the officer was seated in his police vehicle and Mr. Brown was outside.

So if you take that and say okay, well, the officer is holding his gun, he never relinquished it, the gun was never taken away, however, we are wrestling over this gun. Common sense would tell you that if I’m holding the handle of the gun here, then what opportunity or what else is the other person struggling over. Probably this area of the gun.

The magazine was never released from the gun during the incident, it was never dropped or picked up, the officer never lost control of his gun. If you have a violent event like that, you have to make a decision whether you are concerned about hopefully getting a DNA profile or the possibility of retrieving latent fingerprint evidence.

Page 319

Q: So why did you make a decision to swab for DNA?

A: Based on training and experience, and also based on the information that I was given, you’re not going to have a fine ridge detail during a violent encounter. It would be different if this gun was like this and someone just came up, other than the officer, and touched it. When we process that, yes, you can get fine ridge detail. So the decision was made between myself and the crimes against person detective, homicide detective, that it would be better to swab the weapon. Now, if you are going to swab it, then you need to swab all the relevant areas that could be touched by someone other than Darren Wilson.

Q: Because, of course, you know Darren Wilson has touched that gun?

A: Exactly, he was holding it.

Q: It would tell you nothing if his DNA is on it?

A: Absolutely not.



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