Protesters vandalize a car outside the Ferguson Police Department in Ferguson, Missouri,Just thought I’d share a few things that are going on.  Last night resulted in the first Code 1000 since the Monday of the Grand Jury decision.  There really wasn’t much to it.  By the time we arrived, the crowd had already dispersed seemingly in reference to the code, though there is no way to know.

From what we were told, there was a new female colonel who had arrived at the Ferguson Fire Department.  Apparently, she was infuriated when she saw that her guardsmen were being used for anything other than sitting in the building.  As a result, this left around ten officers to deal with the protesters outside.  At some point, County went to go arrest someone (the specifics that led to this I don’t know) and the crowd started to surround them.  They retreated and called a code 1000 and the crowd dispersed.

In the meantime, though the county and highway patrol have either gone back or are preparing to go back to their regular schedules, my agency has still not had any days off.  Tomorrow will mark day 13 for me.  Others in my agency who were working on the days leading up to Monday of 11/24 have been working even longer than that.

In the meantime, I’m continuing to read through the Grand Jury testimony.  I’ve completed Dorian Johnson’s testimony and have taken notes and excerpts as I have done on previous witness entries here.  Unfortunately, there’s a lot to discuss so I’m struggling with the best way to go about writing it out.

Hopefully, everything will continue to remain in the relative peace we’ve been encountering for the first time in months.  Stay safe.



5 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Greatly enjoying your coverage of the Grand Jury, but although this one is kind of short, sometimes I think I like your rambly posts that cover this and that the best.

    Bassem Masri, Deray McKesson, and I believe Tef Poe are all out in New York trying to cause a ruckus there, and I would guess they’re not alone, so that may be one reason it’s quiet. Nettaaaaaaaa (no idea what her real name might be) was deeply disappointed to discover how “rude and disrespectful officers of color are here in NYC.” She also complains that, “At home the police at least let you protest for a good 5 mins before they violate your civil rights. Here? Instant.” Whoever is in charge in New York does not share Gov. Nixon’s approach, it seems.

    Not sure how long they’ve been out. I don’t know who all was involved, but the protesters who tried — and failed — to interrupt the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade were referred to as Ferguson protesters (as opposed to those who’ve been protesting the Garner decision, although I’m sure there’s considerable overlap). It may be that, even if the locals come back, a lot of the national protesters shift their focus to New York. The Eric Garner case is much better fodder for their goals, I should think. Then again, if the NY police are allowed to do their job, the protesters might not be able to disrupt things enough there to feel effective, so who knows.

    Hope things stay quiet for y’all and the police in the St. Louis area get to spend some time with their families this holiday season.


    • There definitely seems to be Garner overlap in the protests I’ve seen abroad, but that doesn’t seem to play both ways in Ferguson. Granted, with the guard around and the fact that I’m not getting called for aid calls every other night to help out, maybe I’m just missing the “I can’t breathe” chants. I did respond to a domestic the other night where a female said something to the effect of since we were apparently killing everyone else, we should go ahead and kill her boyfriend while we were at it.

      It has been interesting watching some of the national figures backpedaling on Ferguson somewhat in reference to Garner and admitting that there were problems with the Mike Brown shooting case in order to bolster the problems they have with the Garner case. I need to talk about Garner at some point because there’s a lot of individually important topics it brings up that I’m hesitant to start doing so in the comments here… particularly when I have so much more Grand Jury documentation to get through.


      • I’ll be interested in hearing what you have to say on Garner. Personally, I’m more conflicted on the laws being enforced. I’m not sure what I think of New York’s “broken windows” approach (seems to me the approach David Kennedy recommends of targeting and removing the most violent is less disruptive to the community), while I disapprove of “nanny laws” that are supposed to force people into good health, which is the justification for the law Garner was breaking.

        OTOH, whether I like a law or not, the police officer’s job is to enforce the law, and how you arrest someone who is resisting arrest, while being 350 pounds and of fragile health, without potentially doing harm, I do not know.


  2. I need to catch up on the posts. Glad things have settled down somewhat. Protests here in Cleveland have been orderly and peaceful, but others are beginning to complain. They don’t get that the purpose of protests is to get attention. They want attention of those who support them so they can put pressure on those who make decisions to make changes. And if their acts anger people, which it is doing, there are benefits of that as well. The angry people will put pressure on those that make decisions to find a way to stop the protests. And some of those angered will, hopefully, come to realize that their getting home an hour late because traffic was disrupted is nothing if these protests can force positive change, both in how police approach incidents and how suspects respond to police. And then there will still be the idiots who can’t understand how protesting like this will help. The ignorant and self-centered, the people who hate cops, the people who hate blacks, the people who hate whites. People who just need to hate somebody.

    I hope you get back to a normal schedule soon. You need a break. Two straight weeks of pressure and stress is going to start taking a toll. Stay alert. Stay safe. And thank you!


  3. God bless you, sir, and your brothers in blue. Thank you for what you are doing, and I’m so ashamed of how our government is treating you along with the media, and your everyday thugs. So ashamed, horrified, and sickened by it all.


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