Witnesses: Dorian Johnson Annotated P2/2

53ebf3524855f.preview-620This is a continuation of my annotated and abridged Dorian Johnson grand jury testimony.  View Part 1 here:

Part 2 is below:


Page 533

A: As we’re walking down the street, now I see the police cruiser approaching us, coming up west going back toward West Florissant. The police cruiser is approaching us, right before the police cruiser approached us, two cars had passed us already. Nobody said anything like we are in the street or nothing like that. When we got right directly on the side of us, the police officer Darren Wilson, when he got on the side of us he rolled his window down and he said, get on the sidewalk, but it wasn’t in a police manner, it was very rudely.

Q: You can say whatever he said.

A: He said get the F on the sidewalk.

Q: That’s the get the–

A: Get the fuck on the sidewalk.

Q: Had you ever have had interaction with him before?

A: We didn’t get a chance to talk about it. Like I said, I just moved in that area, I really wasn’t caught up too much in the police or anything like that, I go to work and come home.

Page 534

Q: How close were you and Big Mike at this time?

A: At this time me and Big Mike, he’s like right on my back.

Q: He’s behind you, single file?

A: Yes, he’s right behind me, single file.

Q: All right. Go ahead.

A: As I’m telling the police officer we were just going to get out of the street, we were close to our destination, I stayed in Canfield. I believe that he was pulling off. So we continued to walk. In my mind, I thought he was just, you know, okay, they’re just kids, they will get out of the street shortly.

WS: A few issues. First of all, in this section Dorian is referring to himself and Brown as being perceived to be kids, when in the earlier section he was talking about himself as a role model with a job and responsibilities. The shift is interesting, particularly since it is coming only with the entrance of Wilson. Second of all, this is nearly the same account that Dorian gave to the media as far as his statement to Wilson before the shooting. If Wilson was driving by, it seems as though there wouldn’t be a lot of time for a drawn out explanation like above and what’s more, whether right or wrong, no one really believes that he politely explained himself. Likeliest scenario? Wilson told them to get the fuck out of the road. They told him to go fuck himself. Neither of which has any ultimate bearing on the shooting to follow. However, if Dorian expects to be believable lying about the little things is not a good way to go about it.


Q: So you stayed in the street?

A: Yes, we stayed in the street.

Q: Okay.

A: We continued to walk and have our conversation, but almost a split second we heard the tires screech, and the officer, he pulled back in the truck very fast to the point at an angle if we didn’t hear his tires screech, the back of his cruiser would have struck one of us, not both of us, it would have struck both of us or one of us because of the way he angled in reverse. He never drove and turned around, he reversed so fast on us and the angle that he did in the manner, now we are almost not inches away from his front door, like we was in his face now. He never got out of the car, he just pulled right back on the side of us, but it is almost at an angle.

Q: Okay.

A: When he pulled up we are face-to-face. Me and Big Mike are shoulder to shoulder now and the officer is facing us.

Page 537

A: The officer pulled back. What did you say? Very loud, angry.

Q: Who did he appear to be talking to?

A: At the time I believe he was talking to both of us. Like I said, Big Mike never said anything when the officer pulled up on us. So at the time I believe he was talking to both of us when he said, what did you say? And Big Mike, in an instant, Big Mike was finished saying something, his door was thrust open, very complex. He thrust his door open real hard. We was so close to the door that it hit mostly Big Mike, but it hit me on my left side and it closed back on him, like real fast. Just the same speed, boom, boom, that fast. And at that time he never attempted to open the door again like to try to get back out, but his arm came out the window and that’s the first initial contact that they had. The officer grabbed, he grabbed a hold of Big Mike’s shirt around the neck area.

Q: So did he grab his neck or his shirt around the neck area?

A: It was more of both because he had a real good grip on him.


WS: Translation: If this happened, he grabbed his collar not his throat.  


Page 538

Q: Were you still right behind Big Mike when this occurred?

A: At this time, I’m not behind him any more, we’re side to side so I can see everything that is going on. I’m still in the windowed, I’m still right here standing in the same spot, I never moved. And at that time Big Mike, he still has the Cigarillos in both of his hands, divided evenly, he never put them down in his pocket or anything like that. Now, from the beginning of the grab, it is a tug of war. Big Mike places his hands openly, one hand on top of the cruiser and the other hand more right up under the window, the side mirror. He’s trying to pull off the officer’s grip.

Page 588

A: Big Mike and Darren Wilson, the officer, they are doing their tug of war. He passed me off the Cigarillos. Now he’s back, at not point in time did I begin to move away, I stood in the same position, same spot. I’m still in the driver window of the officer the whole time they are doing their tug of war, so I can see both of them. I’m going back and forth looking at both of their faces. I’m hearing cuss words from both of them, but I don’t really hear the officer saying, you know, stop or get down on the ground.

WS: It’s interesting, though not impossible, that Mike was able to hand off the cigarillos in the midst of this confrontation where Wilson supposedly has Mike by his neck. It would seem like Mike would be preoccupied and dropping the rillos would be a more instinctive option, than say, stopping and handing them off. However, it’s still possible and given the size of Mike Brown it’s more likely than for someone of Dorian’s size.


Page 588

A: I really like, I’m shocked, the shock level I’m going through right now is continuously building. So now it is more and more stuff, I’m trying to comprehend that it is not, it shouldn’t be happening, that I know shouldn’t be happening. They are pulling back and forth. At this time I heard the officer says, I’ll shoot. This is the first he says I’ll shoot. In my mind Taser, I see people get Tased before and it looks like it hurts a lot.

WS: For the record, Darren Wilson apparently didn’t have a Taser. I don’t know if it was an issue of department shortage, maybe his was down for repairs, or maybe he didn’t carry one due to personal preference. Hopefully that will be addressed in his testimony.


Page 588

Q: Let me stop you a minute. So the first time the officer says, I’ll shoot, Big Mike’s hands are free now?

A: Yeah.

Q: He’s given you the Cigarillos?

A: Yes.

Q: No shots have been fired yet?

A: Not at the moment, no.

Q: Okay. So do you know where his hands are when the officer is saying, I’ll shoot?

A: I can still see both Darren Wilson’s hand and big Mike’s hands.

Q: Tell us about it.

A: Big Mike’s left hand was still on like right above the side mirror, right up under that, right up under the side mirror, right up under that, right up under the side mirror. His other arm now because of the tug of war pull, the officer’s grip come up, from up on his neck, to the shirt collar, to the shoulder, to basically he never let go. Now he has Big Mike. Big Mike’s left arm is on the car pulling way still, and he’s trying to pull away because he basically just has his arm.

Q: So the officer has his right arm?

A: Yes, with the officer’s left arm, he’s out the window grabbing Big Mike’s right arm.

Q: Okay. So he has Big Mike’s right arm, does he pull it inside the car?

A: I really, from the time of everything happening and once he said, I’ll shoot, now my focus has switched and locked on the officer and say what he is saying he’s going to shoot because in my mind I assume it is a Taser. If it was going to be a Taser, no matter who was in the wrong or who was in the right, if I would have saw that Taser, I would have immediately told my friend Big Mike, look, just stop, stop moving, stop pulling away, just stop. But because I saw the gun and the barrel, I’ve been shot before. It is the worse pain I can ever imagine. It does not feel good, because I saw the barrel, I went into deeper shock.

Q: You didn’t think everybody should just stop when you say the gun?

A: I was praying, I was, I’m in such shock right now and firm, because when the officer pulled up and that’s why I was trying to make clear people were, he’s a witness, key witness. I was so victimized that people don’t even understand. There was a witness standing on their balcony, a witness drive by in her car, me being right there in the moment, I felt victimized because I felt so afraid that I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t say what was on my mind because I’m so afraid of, I couldn’t calm it down. I don’t have the power to calm down the police officer and obviously Big Mike is bigger than me.

Q: Let’s go back. I understand what you are saying about seeing the shooting like that, but when Big Mike’s right hand or arm is being pulled into the car, I don’t know if you said that or not, you said that the officer had his right hand with his, the officer’s left hand had Big Mike’s right arm?

A: Correct.

Q: Where is it? Did you see it or not? Where his right, where Big Mike’s right hand was?

A: I didn’t see Big Mike’s right hand because the officer had it, but it was up, so it may have been times when the officer could have pulled his right, because his left hand never removed off the officer’s car. So there could have been times when the officer pulled him, but like I said, because of the position how Big Mike has on the officer, officer never got out of the car, he is still sitting down. He has a better way of pulling with more force, so he is just pulling. I can see more of the officer’s arm out the window than his arm in the window.

Q: From your vantage point, you can tell if Big Mike’s hand ever went inside the officer’s car?

A: No, because at the point, I’m back and forth, but when, “I’ll shoot,” my eyes locked on the officer.

Q: So where was, where were the hands, I’m interested in the hands and the arms?

A: At that point when the officer said, I’ll shoot, now is like Big Mike, this hand is not on the car anymore.

Q: That’s the left hand?

A: The left arm is not on the car anymore, the officer still has the right arm, but he’s not inside the car.   And when I look up and see the officer, the officer has his gun pointed, his left arm grabbed, he has his gun pointed aimed at Big Mike. In my mind, it was probably aimed at both of us, but I assumed he wasn’t directly just trying to go for Big Mike. He had his gun pointed towards us. I’m still standing in the doorway and at the time he said, “I’ll shoot.” He was going to say it again, I’ll shoot and almost, he didn’t get to finish his sentence, the gun went off.

Q: At the time that the gun went off, where were the hands of Big Mike?

A: The left arm was down at his side. He was standing straight up, I was standing right on the side of him. The right arm was still up in the air while the officer, but still pulling, but it is not like he got any, pulling off the car, he is still pulling the officer. At this time, like I said, I see more of the officer’s arm outside the car than Big Mike’s arm inside the car, so he has a better position to pull away from, the officer was sitting down.

Q: Just so I understand with the officer’s left hand, he’s pulling Big Mike’s right arm into the car and Mike’s pulling away and the officer has his gun in his right?

A: Correct.

Q: And he says, I’ll shoot?

A: Correct.

Page 594

Q: When the gun went off as soon as he said “I’ll shoot,” do you know if the gun was inside the car or outside the car?

A: The gun definitely was inside the car when he fired the shot. How me and Big Mike was standing, we were standing straight up, so we definitely was outside the vehicle. The bullet came outside the car and struck him. He was never inside the car and got struck, he was outside the car when the first shot went off. The officer was inside the car, so the gun was inside the car, but when he shot the gun, bullet traveled outside his car and struck Big Mike in the chest, or I seen blood coming from.

WS: This is a major misstep on the part of Dorian. The blood on the gun, the shirt, and the pants confirm that Brown was inside the car bleeding on Wilson at some point. Even if someone wanted to argue that the blood on Wilson was the result of spatter from such a close gunshot, the pants would be obscured by the frame of the car window if Mike was outside the car pulling away.

Page 594

Q: You are not sure where the wound–

A: It struck him, I definitely know that it hit him, I saw the blood with the first shot.

Q: Are you absolutely certain, I know you talked about being in shock and that kind of thing, this is very important, this jury is trying to get this thing figured out. Are you absolutely certain that you did not see Big Mike’s hands inside the officer’s car in a struggle with the officer?

A: Now, his hands being inside the car, I won’t speculate on, like I said, there was times where the officer had a good pull and his arm would get in there, but majority of the time the officer really didn’t have that much power because of the position that they both had. I’m not saying that he was stronger than the officer, but because the officer was sitting down in his car and Big Mike was standing up and he had better, more strength in pulling from the officer.

Q: Right, can you go ahead?

A: I never saw at no point in time Big Mike’s hand touch the gun or anything like that because of the gun was already out drawn.

Q: How about touching the officer?

A: Now, touch the officer, now touching the officer, maybe, because they’re pulling each other, but as far as striking the officer, or physically striking the officer, no, I didn’t see.

Q: You didn’t see him with a fist?

A: No, ma’am, he never had his fist clenched up like in a punching manner, so much as trying to grab stuff and push himself off of.

Q: Could it have happened and you missed it?

A: Him striking the officer?

Q: Right, some type of physical altercation with the officer inside the car?

A: Like I said, I was standing so close and directly in the doorway with him the whole time pulling away, he never swung his left arm at all or never put the left arm inside the window, anything like that. And because the officer had his right arm, I’m almost positive that he couldn’t like hit the officer because the officer has his right arm.

WS: This is contradicted by the marks on Wilson’s face. Wilson doesn’t have the orbital blowout fracture that was rumored in the early days but he’s definitely taken a few hits to the face on his right-hand side. Unless Wilson was struck after the incident by someone else to make this look better, Dorian is lying. I would think if other cops were going to try and rough Wilson up later to help justify the shooting they would rough him up a little worse than the county crime scene pictures from the ER.


Q: Okay. You said you were sure he never touched the gun?

A: Yes, ma’am. Correct.

Q (from redacted grand juror): In here, what we heard earlier, you said that you could tell, you couldn’t really see him, the officer, you said you couldn’t tell what color hair he had, you couldn’t see what kind of build he was, but because of his arm, you could tell that he was a certain, you could assume that he was a certain build. If you couldn’t see the officer inside the car, is it possible that you couldn’t have seen Big Mike’s arm go into the car as well?

A: I was going to say on that, the way they ask that question, they was basically asking for a description on the officer. And I told them that because I was in a state of shock, I couldn’t give them a full description of the officer because when you are in shock, I’m not at this time focused on the specific details on the officer so much as making sure that I’m not in the line of fire.

WS: So Dorian was focused on not being in the line of fire… by standing in place in the line of fire? I get his shock argument but according to him, he’s not reacting one way or the other, let alone taking cover. Unless, of course, he was actually taking cover while this was going on and he didn’t see anything.


Page 598

Q (grand juror): …I had the side of the car, the head rest on the seat, I don’t know that I can see what happened with the hand whether he touched the gun or no. Describe the police or no. I don’t see that you can have as much vision as you say. I don’t think you are lying, I think that you don’t have as much of a good vision as you say.

A: Okay.

Q: It is difficult for me to understand that.

A: And that’s what I’m trying to make you understand because of where I’m standing outside the vehicle and how close I am to Big Mike and everything that I saw, the officer never got Big Mike inside the window. You have to think about someone sitting down trying to pull in a 6’9, 285 pound person. You’re not going to have that much ease with just, hey, get over here in this window. No, he’s big, he’s standing up, and the officer’s gun is on his right side, I believe, because that’s where he draw from with his right arm. In order for Big Mike to have touched the gun, it is almost like his whole top half of his body had to be inside the vehicle, and that never happened. His arm, yes, but like I said, the officer had it. It wasn’t like his arm was in the window free, the officer had his left arm on his right arm so if he made a grab and got that far over there, it wasn’t because–

Q: So did you say he had the right arm, not the left?

A: Not the left, the left arm never went towards the window whatsoever.

Q (APA): Dorian, do you understand, I don’t know, I’m not a physics person or anything, you know you kind of said to yourself that Mike Brown was, Big Mike was in an advantageous position and that he was standing on his feet outside the vehicle.

A: Correct.

Q: And the officer is seated in his vehicle?

A: Correct.

Q: Hard to figure out why he couldn’t break free if the officer has him just with his left hand.

A: Uh-huh.

Q: First of all, by the neck.

A: Uh-huh.

Q: And then you said by his shirt?

A: Correct.

Q: You couldn’t just, do you understand it might be difficult to understand why he couldn’t just, just the sheer weight of him if he had fallen over his shirt would have ripped.

A: I understand that, that would almost be believable if the officer was somebody of my size. If the officer was a small person, Darren Wilson didn’t look small from his arm and from his, like I said, I saw his top part. He never got out of the car for me to see his full body size. I could tell he wasn’t a small officer. It wasn’t like he could be overtooken (sic) very easily. Once you have a grasp on something, I don’t care if someone’s really strong, if you have a good grip on it, you can pretty much hold on to a lot if someone’s stronger than you, you can still hold onto a lot. Not his flesh so much more, but more his shirt. I’m not letting this short go sort of thing.

WS: Dorian Johnson’s testimony was the first time the Grand Jurors really seemed to have a lot of questions. What’s more, from the questions asked, it’s pretty clear that they weren’t buying what he was selling. The questions only get more frequent from here.


Page 604

A: When the first shot went off, we were so close and ringing, I’ve been shot before so instantly everything, emotions that I had, like I’ve been shot three or four years ago, so everything is still fresh. With guns, I really dislike them loud bangs. At the time and seeing the fire come out of the gun and shot go off, when I see Big Mike, I see the blood come down his, where the officer had his right side. I’m on his right side, I see the blood come down. I never looked at myself because I was so afraid I was like, oh, I saw him. My eyes got big, he didn’t say anything after that. He kind of looked at my face and saw my eyes and at that time, that was when the officer let go and we were both able to run. That’s when I turn and run. He was right behind me.

Q: Which way did you run on the map?

A: After the first shot took off, we both ran this way. (indicating)

Q: Okay.

A: Now, I was so in shock and so in fear, at that time now I’m just, I’m really afraid, I’m really afraid. I don’t know if the officer’s coming towards Big Mike or just towards both of us. Right now I’m just so afraid that the time I get past the first vehicle, I was in front of Big Mike when we was walking. When I took off running, I was still in front of him. When I got to the first vehicle which was like a Sunfire or gray Sunfire, so very small vehicle. The officer was not yet out of his car, he was still in his car because I was able to run to the car and like stand, not squatting real low, but I was standing behind the car, the Sunfire, but I know he was able to still see the back of my neck and hair and all of those things.

When Big Mike ran past me, he saw me, he looked directly at me he said, keeping running, Bro. And at that time is when I kind of hear the door opening, I figure the officer is getting out of his car now, but before then, like I said, the officer was still in his car, I was able to run squat behind the first car. Big Mike ran, he was right behind me. He looked directly in my eyes and said, keep running Bro. That’s when I knew that I was still in plain sight. Now, the tension of me, I’m so afraid that I can’t move any more, so I’m just standing there behind the first car now.

Now there is people coming outside the house because they heard the first shot, there is not that many people. As Big Mike run past me and sees me, he keeps going. He makes it past the second car, once he gets to the second car, I can feel, I’m not looking around me because I’m so scared. I’m just standing there and I can feel someone approaching, so I kind of give a glance over to my right and it is the officer now, he’s walking, he’s walking, but he is kind of fast walking. He’s not running or anything like that, but he has his weapon drawn.

Q: Just like you are doing now?

A: Yes, in this manner, his weapon is drawn and he’s walking in a fast manner. He’s not saying anything, he’s not saying freeze, he’s not saying anything at this time while still just concentrating, he is walking. As I see him, I’m in plain sight, Big Mike was able to see me. He ran past me, keep running. I’m so scared, I cannot move my feet. And I watch the officer walk past, he never even looked at me. He just kept walking past and I’m watching him and I’m in awe. I’m like okay, is he looking for us or is he going after him, but everything is in my head is just racing real fast because of the gunshot and I’m hyperventilating, my heart is pounding.

After he walked past me, I kind of stand up more. I’m trying to ask the people in the first car, could I please just let me in the vehicle. I stay in the same complex. You can just drop me off. They said no, and they pulled off on the sidewalk.

Q: Where did they pull to?

A: The first car? They didn’t drive through the driveway, they pulled on the sidewalk to drive past the police officer. Once they pulled off, I was even more visible now. I’m standing straight, the officer’s back is towards me, Big Mike’s back is towards me and the officer because he is running away. I’m watching the officer, he’s walking and Big Mike gets past the third car, the final car before the second shot is fired. It was the second shot fired, pow, the officer shot. I don’t know if it hit, I wasn’t that close to see that it struck Big Mike, but the manner that he jerked and just stopped in his track, I sense that he was hit again.

WS: Interestingly, since there was more than one shot fired from within the car as evidenced by the close gunshot injuries to Mike, the bullets lodged in the inner car door, and the fact that more than one shell casing was recovered in the vehicle, the second shot also came from within the car, not outside. If Dorian is claiming the second shot came later and only one shot was fired within the car, he is either lying, was already long gone, or both.


The first time I definitely knew, I definitely saw him get shot the first time, he had been struck one time already. The second time he shot, I didn’t know if it hit him or not, but he kind of jerked and that’s when he stopped running. He just kind of stopped and turned around at the officer. And now he’s face-to-face with the officer, but not so close. Now, Big Mike is probably he’s not fully at the driveway, but he gets probably to the curb of the driveway when the second shot, and now at the second shot, the officer, I’ll just put DW, he’s passing the third vehicle.

Q: Where are you?

A: At this time, I’m still right here.

Q: You are at the second vehicle?

A: Yes, but I’m more over to the side now because like I said, I was trying to talk to the people in the front car. I was on the side of their car when I was trying to talk to them. After they pulled off, I had to stand up and I was still in shock and now I’m just watching the officer, you know, pace towards Big Mike. I see him fire the second shot, I see Big Mike turn around and face the officer. And now the officer is past the last car and Big Mike is off the sidewalk now more in the street.

Q: What is Big Mike doing?

A: At that time Big Mike’s hands was up, but not so much up in the air because he had been struck around in this region somewhere on this. It was like this hands is up and this hand is kind of like down sort of.

Q: His hands were nowhere near his waist?

A: No, his hands never went down towards his waistline or anything, like he didn’t have a belt on or anything.

WS: This is a tad bit different description than the one he gave to local news, which he demonstrated as:dorian-johnson-hands-up

Page 610

Q: All right. He turns around, show us again how his hands were.

A: His hands, this one is higher, this hand is higher, this one is, like I said, he was definitely struck with the first shot. So I could tell he was injured because this hand was a little lower than this hand. As I’m looking at him, he said I’m, he didn’t say I’m unarmed per se, he said I don’t have a gun, but he’s still mad, he still has his angry face. I don’t have a gun. And he goes, he never started running because, you know, he’s hit, but sort of, I don’t have a gun. And before he can say the second sentence or before he can even get it out, that’s when the several more shots came.

Q: How close would you say the officer was to Big Mike when Big Mike is saying to him, I don’t have a gun. Like can you kind of show us?

A: I can’t be definite on feet.

Q: Big Mike is somewhere here, and the officer is here?

A: Yes. He’s not on the sidewalk no more, he’s on the street level now and the officer has, he’s not so close to the third car, but he’s like, he’s not on the sidewalk on the other side, he’s closer to the other side of the street, the opposite side of Big Mike.

Q: You are where?

A: I’m still standing right in plain sight standing on the side.

Q: You can hear him say I don’t have a gun?

A: I can see him start to say something.

Q: What did you hear him say, if anything?

A: I heard him start to say I don’t have, but you know, in my state of mind in my shock, I’m bouncing in and out. Time, in my mind slowed down and everything, I can see what is going on.

Q: Let me just make sure I understand because this is important. Does he actually say, did you actually hear him say, I don’t have a gun or this is what you are thinking he’s trying to say?

A: No, the first statement was I don’t have a gun.

Q: You heard him say that?

A: Yes, I don’t have a gun.

Q: Okay.

A: The second statement he was starting to say I, you know, he couldn’t get the full sentence out before the rest of the shots hit his body. And I stood and watched face-to-face as every shot was fired and as his body went down and his body never. His body kind of just went down and fell, you know, like a step, you know what I’m saying? Like a step, his body just kind of collapsed down and he just fell.

Q: Was he walking towards the officer as he was collapsing?

A: He couldn’t get a step off like. When he was giving his second sentence, what he was going to say, it was like he was going to step close to the officer, but like I said, before he could even get that sentence out, the rest of the shots was hitting him and he was going down.

Q: And was the shots being fired as he was going down?

A: Shots was definitely fired while he was going down. The last shot he fired he was so close to the ground, it looked like to me he was already on the ground. His knees were, he was going down, he was already down before the last shot came.

Q: So he never like got on his knees, he was just falling down?

A: He was falling. I can almost feel the shots because like I said, I’ve been shot before.   I’m so face-to-face with him being shot, I’m seeing his eyes blink and all of these different. It is making me relive the pain of coming through because I’ve only been shot one time. I can see how many shots this officer is firing, it is sickening to my stomach, I’m almost bursting in tears right there. I threw up a little in my mouth initially. I got in my head that he’s dead. When I see his body hit the ground, in my head I say he’s dead.

At that time, when he’s on the ground, the officer is standing there, he doesn’t look around like he’s looking for me or anything like that, I’m still in plain sight. I never went anywhere until it clicked back to me that he may could be looking for you too. Again, at that time, that’s more fear for my life. I just seen him gun down and kill someone I was just walking with my friend Big Mike, I see that, I see with my eyes he killed him. Now in my head, I’m wondering what is he going to do with me.

Page 624

Q (Grand juror): I have a question. You said after the first shot, your ears were ringing?

A: Yes.

Q: I’ve been in close range with a loud noise, I know it can take a while for your hearing to fully restore where it is like cotton or ear plugs, how well did you actually hear Michael Brown say, keep running, Bro, or was it really muffled to you. I guess where I’m going with this, if you really couldn’t hear that well, were you able to hear the officer clearly if he was saying anything?

A: Right, and I understand that. Prior to the first shot firing off and I got to the car, I guess the ring, like I said, I’ve been shot at before, I’ve been shot once before, but I’ve been shot at in crazy situations, walking home from school and all. So the ringing affect from gunfire, it really didn’t drown out everything because my adrenaline was pumping so hard, my mind is going so many different ways, like survival mode I should say. So once he says something, I can definitely hear, I’m like I’m locked in on him and the police officer, Big Mike and the police officer.

WS: I actually didn’t pick up on this my first read through. It’s a good point. The grand juror was actually easy on Dorian by not pursuing the fact that he also couldn’t have heard Mike say that he was unarmed. This issue is particularly interesting because a number of protesters have been quoting Mike Brown’s last words recently since the Grand Jury testimony was released.


Page 629

Q: Okay. Did anybody talk about calling the police?

A: They (Mike Brown’s family) wanted me to walk down, that was my first interview. I don’t know if it was Fox 2 or anything like that, the first statement that I’ve given. And that was the reason I gave it because the family they asked me if I could do it for them because they wanted to get it out immediately. Their words, so it wouldn’t be covered up or misconstrued or any type of way. They wanted me to get it out there quickly.

Page 637:

Q: Dorian, you said it took almost a minute for him to get out of the car?

A: I wouldn’t want to–

Q: I’m not pinning you to that.

A: It is almost like it was a pause before he got out of the car.

Q: Okay. Now you said earlier that he never radioed for help, is it possible while he was in the car, that’s what he was doing?

A: It is possible that little split second of him not instantly getting out of the car he was radioing for backup.

Page 638:

A: From the time I saw him, we was together from seven all the way to him dying.

WS: More chances to clarify the missing hours of August 9th that Dorian Johnson doesn’t realize he has failed to account for.

Page 645:

Q: So from the time he turned around, he did not proceed towards the officer?

A: No, Ma’am.

Q: You have said maybe half step and then he went down?

A: Half a step maybe, his foot was coming off the ground. He was being riddled with more shots and then caused him to tumble over.

Q: Let me ask you this. From the time you think he might have been shot when you saw the jerk, did he proceed to run any distance after that?

A: No, ma’am.

Q: He stopped immediately?

A: He stopped immediately after that. After that motion, pop, stopped, turned around.

Page 646:

Q: Is it possible that he moved maybe 20, 22 feet toward the officer before he fell?

A: Not 20 to 22, not that far. Like I said, he was barely on the sidewalk, he was barely on the sidewalk to the parking lot. He was going towards this building. I presume that’s the way he was running. He wasn’t really all the way on the driveway when the second shot went off, and he turned around and he was in the street. He was taking a step towards the officer to show him that he didn’t have anything, his hand was up, so he is showing the officer, I don’t have a weapon on me.

And as he’s walking toward the officer saying that in an angry manner, he was saying it an angry manner, he was hurt, still frustrated probably, so he’s telling him, I don’t have a gun. I don’t have — before he can say you know, anything else, this man is riddle with more shots until he tumbled over.

WS: Major contradiction here with Dorian starting from his assertion that Mike Brown never moved toward Wilson after he turned around, to this last paragraph where he is “walking toward the officer saying that in an angry manner.”


Q: He doesn’t like run at the officer?

A: No ma’am. At no point in time when he turned around he made a rush towards the officer or anything like he was going to tackle the officer or anything like that.   He was standing straight up.

Q: He maybe got like a step you said before the gunshots?

A: Before the several shots came. That was the only time it came repeatedly boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, and he went down and that was it. He wasn’t moving anymore.

Page 648

Q: …they found two bullet casings near the car. Do you have any idea, any speculation why they find two bullet casings at the car when you only heard one shot?

A: I honestly do not know. He definitely only shot one time inside the car, it wasn’t multiple shots. If they found, I mean, we don’t have forensics both shells match his gun. If they did, I was lost after the first shot. That just shows how much more shock I was in because I definitely know he was shot once, I wasn’t aware of a second shot at the car.

WS: Busted.


Page 656

Q: Are you aware of anyone who claims that they saw any part of this who has not talked to the police or the FBI?

A: I’m frankly surprised that they have so many witnesses to the actual event, prior to it happened, I only saw one person that was out there when the first shot went off all the way up to the last shot, I only saw one person. I wasn’t aware of anybody and I only saw her because the initial first shot when the police stopped us, she was on her balcony and I just happen to glance up and see her and she stood there.

WS: While it’s entirely possible that Dorian was simply unaware of just how many people were watching the incident, I think it’s interesting that even he thinks there’s far too many witnesses who supposedly saw everything. I agree with Dorian. It is surprising indeed.

Page 662

Q: I just want, you had mentioned the stealing thing and the you said a false police report?

A: Yes.

Q: Is that the same incident or was that a separate thing?

A: That was the same incident with the officer who actually had me, he put me in the car, took me down to the station. I had both my school campus ID and my state ID in possession of me. When the officer asked me my name, I didn’t say anything so much as just handed him my identification. I was mad at the time, again, I was a freshman in college, I’m kind of angry with the police, so I don’t really want to say anything to them, but I know that he is going to ask me for my identification. So I hand him my school ID and both my State ID at the same time. He is looking at both of them, he’s looking at me.

WS: DJVV (Dorian Johnson Verbal Vomit). Also it may have occurred to you that Dorian has referenced school and college repeatedly despite the fact that he only supposed went for part of a year by his own admission before it wasn’t for him and he left. Someone has coached him to repeatedly call himself a student in order to present a certain image.

Darren Wilson’s testimony will be next.  I’m just about done reviewing it.




8 thoughts on “Witnesses: Dorian Johnson Annotated P2/2

  1. “I would think if other cops were going to try and rough Wilson up later to help justify the shooting they would rough him up a little worse than the county crime scene pictures from the ER.”

    Agreed. I also think they would have hit him more on the left side. If someone’s sitting in the driver’s seat in a state-side car, getting hit by someone standing outside, you’d expect them to get hit more on the left side of their face. It looks to me like Wilson got it worst to the right side. That’s perfectly possible, of course, especially if Brown was going for Wilson’s gun, but it’s not something someone who is trying to fake injuries in a hurry would likely think of.

    I was pretty skeptical of Johnson’s version of things from the git go. I don’t doubt there are some cops who are bullies and otherwise out of line, but bully or not, any white cop dumb enough to shoot down a surrendering black kid, in broad daylight, in that neighborhood, is too dumb to have last five years with a clean record, and without anyone popping up after the fact to claim all manner of racism and wrong doing. Outside of the Brown case, the worst I’ve seen on Wilson is the Mike Arman youtube video, which, while it may not win Wilson an Officer of the Year Award, hardly shows a cop who is just looking for an excuse to bully, attack, or harm people.


    • And even that video is suspiciously lacking in context. Nevermind the fact that even if it is as the user alleges and not kosher, it’s a big jump from telling someone to turn off their video to wanting to murder people.


      • I have the same problem with videos that I do with eye-witness testimony; too easy for the person providing the evidence to skew the information given. I was really irritated with the (I believe) CNN chart of the Ferguson witnesses that basically just put checkmarks showing who supported what various details of Wilson’s version of events versus those who supported Johnson or some of the other more inflammatory witnesses. For one thing, although I haven’t read much testimony, I immediately saw that they’d misrepresented a couple of witnesses whose testimony I have read.

        But I’m also not sold on the idea that witness testimony is essentially a vote for or against a position, so what really irked me about the whole chart is that it completely ignored the physical evidence. The physical evidence makes it pretty clear that Brown came back toward Wilson (blood trail), and also indicate that Brown was likely moving at a fair clip towards Wilson when he died (the shots didn’t push him backwards; falling forward best explains the angle of the last shot; scrapes to Brown’s face and chest make it likely he slid a bit after falling rather than simply slumping to the ground from a standing position), two things various witnesses insist didn’t happen, which to me means those witnesses are less reliable. Certainly some of the people on the Grand Jury were comparing people’s statements to the physical evidence, making it even more suspect that CNN ignores it.

        I could totally relate to the Grand Jurors who kept asking about precise maps; so helpful in determining what people actually could see from where they claimed to be standing.

        Liked by 1 person

      • What’s more, the constant refrain that the number of witnesses matter when citing refuted evidence. If one piece of witness testimony is refuted, saying that numerous witnesses also saw the same thing doesn’t make the refuted evidence any more truthful. It makes their testimony less credible.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. After the first shot but prior to second shot Dorian states:

    “I’m trying to ask the people in the first car, could I please just let me in the vehicle. I stay in the same complex. You can just drop me off. They said no, and they pulled off on the sidewalk.”

    Then later states:

    “I only saw one person that was out there when the first shot went off all the way up to the last shot, I only saw one person. I wasn’t aware of anybody and I only saw her because the initial first shot when the police stopped us, she was on her balcony and I just happen to glance up and see her and she stood there.”

    Busted again…


  3. Dorian makes this statement on page 589 in reference to Officer Wilson: “He never got out of the car for me to see his full body size.” Do you think he was referring to the officer not getting out of his car at that exact moment or do you think he may have made a slip and admitted he never actually saw him when he did get out of his car? In other words, he had hightailed it out of there and his whole story was made up?


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