ripNYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were executed while sitting in their patrol car in Brooklyn today.  When the suspect was later cornered, he took his own life.  Additionally, an off-duty St. Louis City Officer was shot multiple times yesterday, though he fortunately survived.  Obviously the surviving City Officer has not been named.

Before I get into any discussion about what happened I want to give a shout-out to Deray and Shaun King, both of whom I typically disagree with on most things.  Credit where credit is due, they showed some class today in reference to these shootings and it should be acknowledged.shaunrespect derayrespectWith that said, a few of their Ferguson compatriots have failed to conduct themselves with any degree of empathy or humanity and that too should be documented:

fuckbassem fuckjamel fuckminossecBassem’s comment is particularly interesting because the suspect, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, had the following to say on social media right before he committed a double murder:

fark_NFkKM-kNrX9By4i6hbKnDaZtY8cA number of other Ferguson names have been remarkably silent on the incident, while others have immediately taken to trying to distance themselves from Brinsley and characterize himself as a lone gunman unaffiliated with their cause.  However, it’s not as though the Ferguson protesters have ever had a problem courting mentally ill individuals who like threatening violence on social media.  Just look at Dread Hampton, the mentioning of whom by this blog makes him either spin into a deep depression fueled by delusions that the FBI is surveilling him or narcissistic pride that he’s some kind of celebrity.

Fortunately, our law enforcement community hasn’t suffered any fatalities in the past several months, but it hasn’t been for lack of trying on a growing number of individuals.  The following is an incomplete list of officers who have either been shot, shot at, or had firearms pointed at them since 8/9/14.


  • -Gunshots were fired in the vicinity of the officers investigating the Michael Brown shooting.


  • -Start of the riots: Numerous shots fired, officers pinned down by gunshots in some spots.  This went on for a week and a half to two weeks.  Numerous injuries from thrown objects including bricks and bottles.  The St. Louis City MRAP supposedly looks like it has hail damage in places due to gunfire.


  • -St. Louis County Officer shot Esrail Britton after he pointed a pistol at him


  • -St. Louis County Officer was shot in the hand and gun-belt by Eric Fowler near Jennings.


  • -St. Louis County Police shot a man who pointed a rifle at them.  The weapon recovered afterward had a jammed round in the barrel.

9/23 – 9/24/14+

  • -Gunshots fired near or at Capt. Ron Johnson of the MSHP and Chief Jon Belmar of St. Louis County Police during the riots following the burning of the Mike Brown memorial on Canfield.


  • -Ferguson Police Officer was shot in the arm.
  • -St. Louis City Officer’s vehicle was riddled with bullets at I-70 and I-170 after leaving his mother’s house in Ferguson and being followed.  Somehow he escaped injury beyond cuts from shattering glass.


  • -Off-duty but uniformed St. Louis City Officer shot Vonderitt Myers after he shot at the officer at least three times before his gun jammed.
  • In the aftermath and video from Bassem Masri, I can identify at least three incidents where an object that looks like and is held like a gun is pointed at officers.  I can’t tell how many of these incidents are from the same person or different people.


  • -Numerous shots fired at and around officers in the Ferguson area during the post-Grand Jury riots.  One report I can’t confirm indicates that after 11/24/14, in the parking lot of Red’s BBQ at Canfield and W. Florissant alone, there were over 60 shell casings recovered from over 15 different weapons, including AR-15’s.
  • -A University City Officer was shot in the arm by Major Washington.


  • -Two FBI agents confronting Major Washington were shot, one in the arm and one in the leg.  They returned fire and killed Washington


  • -Off-Duty St. Louis City Officer was shot numerous times in the legs and remains in critical condition at last mention.

Much like what I have seen in reference to the officers who were shot in New York, there is a host of voices who will contend that these incidents were all isolated and unrelated to the Ferguson protests.   Unfortunately, we don’t live in a vacuum and that argument doesn’t hold water.  I don’t blame any race of people for the actions of individuals, but I do find culpability with group of protesters who actively set out to paint the false narrative, by any means necessary, of the violent militant provocateur police in Ferguson.  That series of lies was used to excuse all manner of crimes back in August through what we saw around Thanksgiving.  Their lies have consequences and empower sick individuals to do terrible things.  How much is enough?

I’m sure there will be some nebulous answer without substance to the effect of, “Until black lives matter” or “Until racism ends” but these are largely just excuses to keep up the tension.  A staple of the Michael Brown protests have been ambiguous indeterminate demands with no set of attainable objectives or rationale for how to achieve those demands.  The bottom line is that many of the protesters define their entire existence by having something to protest and any end game that takes that meaning and power away from them will be resisted.  It doesn’t seem to matter if people get hurt in the process.

If anyone finds any links to online donations or similar for the families of Officer Ramos and Officer Liu, please let me know or post them in the comments section.



6 thoughts on “Culpability

  1. I’ve been reading your blog from the very beginning and appreciate the work you do both here and on the street. Thank you for your services. Your blog was the first if not only one that gave a glimpse of what was happening while most of mass media was repeatedly reporting on the militarization of police. For myself, residing in North County for 50 years and having some acquaintance to people in both politics and law enforcement it has been discouraging to see so little of what was happening, especially when speaking of peaceful protesting. Constantly I have been both angered and amused by the belief of many of the protestors that because their actions are being done in the name of “Civil Disobedience” they are immune to arrest. My own understanding of civil disobedience is that a person is purposely breaking the law with the understanding that they can and will be arrested in order to show their support for a particular cause The person being arrested should not resist arrest nor complain about the arrest. It truly amazes me that our current environment has evolved such that the blocking of streets and “shutting down” of various buildings, venues and events are tolerated and allowed to happen. Included in this toleration is the remarks of protestors such as Bassem, for I too noticed that the remark by Brinsley mirrored Bassem’s tweet and chant. Although I doubt the two had direct contact, could it be possible that Brinsley was influenced by Bassem? Could Bassem be held accountable on any level? Many of us already believe that Bassem Masri should be arrested, charged and jailed for inciting violence,
    Again thank you and your fellow officers and your families for the services and sacrifices that are being done every day in order to keep our communities safe.


  2. So in Greg Thomas’ ideal world, all the good cops quit, leaving only bad cops. And then… what? Society recognizes that a local police force is a bad thing and replaces it with a nationalized system? Or maybe that we abandon the current law system and resort to mob rule or majority vote when it comes to determining that crime has been done and what consequences need to be imposed?

    I suspect that Obama and various other politicians are hoping for the first solution, while most of the “peaceful protesters” seem to want the second.


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