Topical 1/8/15


  1. Black Person’s Grand Jury
  2. Attempted Domestic Terror Attack in Colorado Springs
  3. Disgruntled Grand Juror

1.) The self-proclaimed “Black People’s Grand Jury” convened sometime last week and unsurprisingly came to the conclusion that Darren Wilson deserved to be indicted. What was surprising was their conclusion that they felt he should be indicted on a charge of First Degree Murder because apparently they’ve never read the Missouri state statute on Murder in the First Degree.

As someone who has read the real Grand Jury testimony, I must have missed the evidence that Darren Wilson plotted “after deliberation upon the matter” to kill Michael Brown as required by Missouri law. Even if someone believes that Wilson was unjustified in shooting Brown, there is no evidence to support first degree murder or the notion that Wilson planned out a murder and then went through with said plan. If we’re going to throw random charges at Wilson unrelated to the facts of the case why stop at first degree murder?

2.) The Ferguson Twitter Brigade is upset that a poorly executed domestic terrorist attack in Colorado Springs apparently directed at the local NAACP chapter is not being covered as thoroughly by the media as they feel it should be. To be fair, while probably a terrorist attack according to the FBI, the attempted attack resulted in zero (0) injuries and zero (0) fatalities having apparently been set somewhere away from the building.

There also appears to be some dispute about whether or not the device was placed at the NAACP building or simply at a building complex that coincidentally houses the NAACP. In other words, there simply isn’t that much information available at this point. Still, in reference to the complaints regarding a lack of coverage:

While the FBI should actively be investigating the Colorado Springs case, I have to wonder why they don’t appear to be involved in another improvised explosive thrown at officers and demonstrators in Berkeley a few weeks ago.

IMG_20141224_033724I also have to wonder why there isn’t the same call for an investigation into the explosive used that in this case injured at least one officer and could have injured numerous others immediately present, including protesters. The lack of outrage from the Ferguson Twitter Brigade seems like tacit acknowledgment that the explosives used there came from their side of the skirmish line. Of course, to bring that up is tantamount to snitching, which according to them is far more detrimental to society than justice. Home team exemption.

3.) One of the members of the real Grand Jury is seeking an injunction against Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch from pursuing charges against him or her in order to speak out about the grand jury process and what this person considers McCulloch’s mischaracterization of the grand jurors. The prevention from speaking out about the case has historically been used as a means of protecting the jurors. If one of them wishes to give up that protection, in theory, there shouldn’t be a problem except that:

  • -In this case, the grand juror in question (whom I will refer to as GJ for short) is not seeking permission for all of the grand jurors to speak.
  • -Will allowing GJ to speak about the case also allow him/her to expose the identity of the other grand jurors?
  • -With other jurors still prevented from speaking, will GJ be allowed to speak to their opinions?
  • -Will it be possible for McCulloch’s office to respond to anything GJ has to say with the other protections still standing? In other words, if GJ makes outright false statements, will the prosecutor’s office be able to counter those statements with facts if the other protections still stand? I would assume the answer is “no.” We could be looking at a repeat of the early days when Dorian Johnson’s account was the only available story because the County refused to fully comment with the investigation ongoing. That didn’t work out so well for the community last time.
  • -More for my own curiosity, did GJ in fact vote for a no true bill? If so, what good is their opinion about the process since they didn’t have a problem before now.
  • -Many of the arguments of GJ’s lawyers in the injunction are reflective of arguments articulated by the Ferguson Twitter Brigade and don’t seem as though they’re originating from the juror in question.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this evolves.



4 thoughts on “Topical 1/8/15

  1. I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest that the courts will deny the “GJ”‘s request. To do so would set a really bad precedent for future grand jury proceedings.


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