Two officers shotTwo officers were shot tonight in front of the Ferguson Police Department.  All I will say is that I was there and I’m unharmed.

I’d like to think that through this blog I’ve been successful in presenting the officer’s side of this entire ordeal in a professional manner rooted in honesty and facts.  I can’t say the same for the people I’ve been forced to deal with regularly since August.  At the moment, I’m simply too livid to write an accounting of what went on tonight that would maintain the high standards I’ve set for myself.  I also don’t wish to endanger the investigation into the coward or cowards responsible for tonight’s events in any way, shape, or form.


Work should continue on my analysis and criticism of the DOJ’s Report on Ferguson since I was already a good deal into writing that entry.



9 thoughts on “Okay

  1. Stay safe, man…..this just sucks. I still am burning my blue front porch light in support of our officers in Florissant.

    I saw bits and pieces of last night on the early news and knew something was going to go down. DeRay’s tweets sounded ominous and curiously parsed (I read their tweets from time to time). The protestors – anarchists really, were riled up and fed fake courage by them getting a handful of sacrificial heads on a platter. The mayor came across in his news briefing glib and childish. Look, no blood on his hands. The anarchists took full advantage of their perceived win in the power play and will now behave like a spoiled 3 year old given his way. The issue is that they are playing with people’s lives.


  2. I’ve followed this story from the beginning, and my disillusionment with the current administration and the DOJ grows with each passing day. I pray for the safety of all peace officers in the Ferguson, MO area.

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  3. Very relieved – when I heard I thought you might well be in the thick of it. My thoughts are with the injured officers for a speedy recovery, and all of you to stay safe. Like you that’s about all I trust myself to say right now 😦

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  4. Such a terrible situation. I hope that justice is served on this scum and that the officers make a quick recovery. Fight a good fight fellas.


  5. Sir, I thank you for your service as an officer, and your diligent efforts to get the truth out. I cannot believe all that has happened and continues to happen – unscrupulous residents ruin an officer’s reputation and career with their lies, then cast the entire PD into their web of lies, and are rewarded with an audience with the President of the United States, the freedom to curse, slander and threaten officers while screaming into their faces, immunity from the law in many cases, and the firing of an upstanding police chief. They’ve tasted blood and they thirst for more now, threatening law and order for the good folks of Ferguson, and threats of violence toward police until they get whatever they demand. Our unethical POTUS and AG built this, and continue to wreak havoc on good people and officers with the ridiculous DOJ “report.” I don’t know how you all are managing through this. The so-called Department has been run by an unethical racist, in my opinion. I pray that one way or another, the truth will be told about this prejudiced campaign to find racism – facts be damned – and that the wrongs will be made right.

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  6. I am glad to hear you’re okay but very sad about the fact that two more cops have been shot. I hope the DOJ allows justice to be done here.

    I appreciate the high standards you’ve set for yourself here — and keep to — since I believe that if some of the loudest anti-cop people stuck to standards of truth and justice half so high, a lot fewer people (cops and otherwise) would be getting shot. Plus I know it is tough to hold to the truth when your opponents and attackers regularly resort to lies and irrationalities that serve only to kick up people’s emotions, but you’ve consistently done so. I really admire that, and thank you for it.


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