Jeffrey Williams

JeffreyWilliamsFacebook1Jeffrey Williams has been arrested by St. Louis County Police in connection with the assassination attempt on officers last Wednesday in front of the Ferguson Police Department.  Evidence seems to confirm that he was a regular protester although the Ferguson Twitter Brigade… sort of… disputes that.  Blossom Masri made the comment that he barely recognized the individual, which of course raises two questions:

  • -How does he recognize him if not from the protests?
  • -What amount of involvement qualifies a protester to be an official part of the movement?

ohblossomMasri now claims that he may recognize Williams from work but refrains from elaborating on that claim.  Even more interesting is the fact that Blossom wasn’t present on Wednesday night so that would rule out a chance encounter the night of the shooting.

According to Bob McCulloch’s office, Williams claims that he was robbed by a Ferguson protester, left the area, and returned with a gun only firing it into the air, out of anger.  Of course the trajectory of the shots striking one officer in the face and nearly a second, striking him in the upper most part of the torso indicates that theory to be absurd.

There is also much more doubt now on the grassy knoll theory being propagated by the protesters in the aftermath of the shootings.  It seems to me that it this story was likely spread as a way of establishing curtilage separating the protesters by the Andy Wurm lot from the shooter.  With a handgun, a 125 yard distance for a shot is practically impossible.  If Williams was in a vehicle as he alleges (which admitted would be the only truthful thing he seems to have said so far), it would seem that he was likely much much closer when the shots were fired.  With all the shots fired from behind Andy Wurm in that general area since August, any shell casings recovered could be depressingly superfluous.

For some reason, St. Louis County allowed a Ferguson Protester related clergy-person to speak with Williams who is now making the media rounds.  Of course, this clergyman now claims that Williams was beaten while peacefully surrendering, possibly into confessing.  After all of the revelations in the FBI’s investigation into Darren Wilson documenting threats made against individuals who went against the official protester/Canfield narrative and direct attempts at suborning perjury, it’s not clear why this individual was allowed to see Williams so soon after the arrest since it just occurred yesterday.  Maybe someone with better knowledge of the County Jail’s visitation procedures can elaborate to that end because it’s outside my knowledge base since the extent of my County Jail experience is dropping people off at intake.  The obvious reason for sending a supposed member of the clergy was to take advantage of Clergy-penitent privilege.

DOJ Response remains forthcoming.



2 thoughts on “Jeffrey Williams

  1. Of interest… He is Facebook friends with Dorian. Dorian is also Facebook friends & apparently in the same gang as Deandre Joshua, the guy who was found burned in his car the morning after the grand jury announcement. I’m not sure if that all adds up to anything or just very odd coincidence. It’s amazing how much one can learn perusing Facebook. Apparently some people aren’t quite bright enough to think to set things to stricter privacy settings.


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