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A few months back, I discussed the case of New Black Panther Party members, Olajuwon Ali Davis and Brandon Baldwin, who at the time had been indicted on attempting to illegally obtain firearms for the purpose of killing cops in the aftermath of the Grand Jury decision.  Back then, there were rumors that these two individuals had also been a part of a greater plot to obtain explosives with the intent of bringing down or damaging the Gateway Arch.  They also apparently intended to kill St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch and now-former Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson.

Original Article:


Anyway, it would seem that despite the Ferguson Twitter Brigade’s insistence that the gun charges and the bomb story in particular were hoaxes, even the bomb story has now been confirmed as legitimate with charges finally filed in reference to that case.

What isn’t being discussed is the pair’s involvement in the Ferguson Protests.  I bring this up because I find the discussion much more interesting when viewed from the aftermath of attempted cop-killer Jeffrey Williams’ arrest.  First, Williams was accused of having no part in the protests whatsoever.  However, when pictures started being released showing that he was definitely there and Blossom Masri slipping up saying that he barely recognized the guy (when Blossom wasn’t even present that night), the conversation shifted.


Suddenly, the discussion didn’t revolve around whether he was a protester, but whether he was a regular bonafide protester.  In reference to Olajuwon Ali Davis, consider the following evidence:

maxresdefaulthate-group-blacksPictured in Canfield Green812bba25df7c57f996eaf50775b8da25Pictured on W. Florissant (middle)

blackpanter-thumb--300x198  Pictured (I believe but not sure) on W. Florissant.

Is he not a bonafide protester?  If not, who is?  Why are the stories discussing him fixated on his connection to the NBPP but not the Ferguson Protests?  Why are these crimes not being called what they are?  Terrorism.

A few years back, a Southeast Missouri State University student was arrested after purchasing a fake decoy bomb from the FBI for the purpose of blowing up the Federal Reserve.


A black individual attempts to commit a terrorist act and it’s a discussion of a crime but not ideology.  A muslim individual attempts to commit a terrorist act and it’s a discussion of terrorism.  An unknown individual, who the Ferguson Twitter Brigade assumed to be white, sets off an explosive device in Colorado and they talk about it for weeks as white supremacist terrorism.

On paper, it seems to me that racial preference given to any group over another would be the type of issue that the Ferguson Twitter Brigade would champion.  Of course, protection of violent individuals who support the cause has been a staple of “The Movement.”  Hometeam advantage strikes again.


One thought on “Of Note

  1. I posted an opinion before that people who burn down businesses might be terrorists, an opinion also given by Charles Brennan on Donnybrook not long ago. Looting is probably for “resale”, so it may or may not be terrorism, although I think the destruction of businesses in the process might be perceived as a method of causing fear. The article you posted regarding Jefferey Williams showing he was in a fight clearly indicates the police were innocent of any brutality, despite Williams’ lawyers’ claims otherwise You have to hand it to lawyers–they’ll make any narrative they can to shift the blame from their client. I hope the pictures and videos showing the fight end up as evidence in court.


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