An Unjustified Shooting


The polls are now closed on the city council elections in Ferguson with results still a long way to go.  In the meantime, some video was just released showing an officer in South Carolina apparently murdering an unarmed man as he ran away from him.  Matters are made even more sickening by the officer apparently dropping a gun-shaped object near the body of the victim.

Apparently, before he was aware that there was video evidence, the officer insisted that he was in a struggle for his taser which eventually led to the shooting.  I’m not clear if the officer initially claimed that the victim took the taser and started to run off with it (which in that case he could then argue was merely a retreat to find cover while now in possession of a weapon) or if the officer intially claimed that the altercation took place in a short space, such as that the officer pulled his gun and fired immediately as soon as the victim obtained the taser.  Either claim appears to be completely false from the video.

Furthermore, many are suggesting that the dropped item at the beginning of the video is the taser in question.  This would explain why the officer felt the need to move that evidence and place it next to the victim since it would help to corroborate a false story.

The shooting of an individual running from you is not necessarily unjustified, but that is not the case here.  This individual wasn’t Vonderitt Myers who ballistic evidence indicates was shooting while running away with his torso bladed and firing a gun behind himself.  In this case, there appears to be no justification that I can determine for what transpired with the greatest incriminating evidence, aside from the video of course, being the officer’s own testimony.

A struggle for the taser may have taken place before the video and appears likely due to the fact that the holster, most of which are cheap plastic and attached by two clasps, broke off and fell to the ground during said struggle.  With the taser on the ground at the beginning of this confrontation, the victim clearly wasn’t in possession of it as he started to run away.  That fact when weighed against his movement of the taser on the ground to right next to the body is absolutely incriminating and sickening.  As such the officer has been arrested and charged with murder.

In contrast to other shootings that the Ferguson Twitter Brigade likes to get involved with, there is a specific difference to other cases they have championed.  Namely, there is evidence of wrongdoing.  There is physical evidence that the officer took the shots and the victim was not a threat unlike Mike Brown, Vonderitt Myers, Kajime Powell, and Antonio Martin.  There is evidence that the officer lied and furthermore attempted to falsify the scene and corresponding evidence, which is not a claim that could be rationally made against Darren Wilson or any of the officers involved in defending themselves from the individuals listed above.

Despite claims that I’m not objective in this area because of my occupation, I haven’t had any problem pointing out when officers are at fault.  I’m objective enough to say that the officer here deserves to be charged with murder.  I’ll be patiently waiting for the self-ordained champions of Mike Brown, Vonderitt Myers, Kajime Powell, and Antonio Martin to admit their wards’ wrong doing.  Something tells me I might not want to hold my breath.



One thought on “An Unjustified Shooting

  1. I have been following your blog for awhile now and I’m saddened to see these events unfold. This event is not going to help the police improve their image or relationships with the local community. Unfortunately this story made it to Australia and headlind on the evening news.


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