“Enemy Forces”

A Media Essay
A resident, lying shirtless, keeps warm as another approaches the blazing skeleton of Juanita's Fashions R Boutique after it was burned to the ground in Ferguson, MissouriAn individual reacts to a possible gunshot wound on W. Florissant.

CNN is reporting today that Missouri National Guard documents referred to Ferguson Protesters as “Enemy Forces” and “Adversaries.”  The Ferguson Twitter Brigade is already up in arms about this which I find supremely silly.


What might have caused the guard to use such language?

August 10th
quiktripandmrapPolice Shooting Misso_Cham640081114gun2August 15th

screenshot_316August 17thPolice tear gas protesters againProtesters throw rocks and attempt to block the street after protests in reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown turned violent near Ferguson, MissouriI7yxCBFAugust 18th

(Above was uploaded August 23rd, but I don’t believe this is the same day as incident.)

September 23rd10686712_294394964091500_7635899665896105889_nOctober 14th

possgun1possgun3This Blossom Masri video I took these screenshots from has interestingly been taken down.  I originally posted them here:


November 24thimagesshotintheleg B3Q6i4ZCQAAgKW6

crowdlongform-original-7455-1416935902-24carsburningnexttomcdredsbbqb3qp0rccqaaapys_largeProtesters vandalize a car outside the Ferguson Police Department in Ferguson, Missouri,US-CRIME-POLICE-RACE-UNREST141125230221-vo-ferguson-police-car-flipped-city-hall-00001702-tablet-largelongform-original-26531-1416932724-10longform-original-16852-1416932815-21longform-original-15845-1416932699-22mcdA protester holds a sign outside a burning Walgreens drug store after a grand jury returned no indictment in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missourielderly-man-with-an-oxygen-tank-was-carjacked-and-run-over-mainhttp://www.msnbc.com/all-in/watch/chris-hayes-ducks-sound-of-gunfire-363228227706

Novemger 25th

December 24th

IMG_20141224_033724berkeley1berkeley3January 1st

March 11th


Perhaps we should call the protesters “Friends of Ferguson”?




4 thoughts on ““Enemy Forces”

  1. “Making the News” is what CNN does in order for more people that simply want to “embrace freedom” an opportunbity to do exactly that.
    I just want your readers to know that the “CNN”s of this world kill more people than any military by their existence. They turn the occasional disturbances into riots, force police and national guard into areas that otherwise would be controlled with adequate, affordable police protection.
    They turn everyday angry people into instant media stars at the expense of those like the police and national guard who are sworn to maintain a “safe” place for citizens to exercise their “rights.”
    When enough have died.
    When the police no longer come.
    When the national guard no longer can be paid for by the working people that support them.
    When people finally turn “OFF” the media in favor of something entertaining or educational, as in doing an activity that exercises their minds or bodies,
    Maybe then the riots will end?
    Maybe then, our money can be spent on bringing a better way to live back into focus, for all people of all skin color.

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  2. “Friends of Ferguson”…??? With friends like that, who needs enemies?
    As for “…“Enemy Forces” and “Adversaries.”…”, it sounds about right, but it’s a moot point, because all the National Guard was allowed to do was defend the Ferguson Police Station and perhaps the government buildings in Clayton.
    In any case the terms used are probably standard military jargon.


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