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One thought on “Familiar Topic

  1. The irony of the whole “cops should establish a rapport in order to de-escalate the situation” is that, by the time the cops are involved, it’s likely that people with years of psychiatric training, along with the mentally ill person’s own family, have long tried to “establish a rapport” with that person — and failed. How the cops are supposed to accomplish it under the stressful situation of someone trying to commit “suicide by cop” I cannot imagine. The number of cops who actually manage to do so is impressive… but rarely makes the news, even though it’s often an act of heroism, skill and compassion that deserves to be lauded by someone outside the police force.

    Someday, enough people are going to clue in to the fact that “feel good” solutions aren’t solutions at all, start grappling with the real issues, and go looking for compassionate solutions that actually show good results. Of that I am convinced. Well, when I’m feeling optimistic. But even my pessimistic side believes we’ll reach a point where people refuse to accept “solutions” that only sound good, and start demanding positive results. Even less compassionate solutions that work are, in the long run, better than feel good solutions that just result in more of the same.


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