End of Watch Part 3

police-officer-liqori-tateOfc. Liquori Tate

Hattiesburg Police Department, MS

End of Watch 5-9-15 Gunfire


police-officer-liqori-tate2Ofc. Benjamin Deen

Hattiesburg Police Department, MS

End of Watch: 5-9-15  Gunfire (Same incident as above)

Not Forgotten:


sergeant-greg-mooreSgt. Greg Moore

Coeur d’Alene Police Department, ID

End of Watch: 5-5-15 Gunfire

nypd-police-officer-brian-mooreOfc. Brian Moore

New York City Police Department, NY

End of Watch: 5-4-15  Gunfire

officer-juandre-gilliamOfc. Juandre Gilliam

Jeanerette Police Department, LA

End of Watch: 4-7-15 Vehicle Pursuit

police-officer-michael-johnsonOfc. Michael Johnson

San Jose Police Department, CA

End of Watch: 3-24-15  Gunfire

trooper-trevor-casperTrooper Trevor Casper

Wisconsin State Patrol, WI

End of Watch: 3-24-15 Gunfire

officer-alex-yazzieOfc. Alex Yazzie

Navajo Division of Public Safety, Tribal Police, NM

End of Watch: 3-19-15 Gunfire

patrolman-George-NissenOfc. George S. Nissen

Stone Park Police Department, IL

End of Watch: 3-12-15  Assault (Head Trauma and surgical complications)

deputy-us-marshal-josie-wellsDeputy U.S. Marshal Josie Wells

United States Marshals Service, LA

End of Watch: 3-10-15 Gunfire

police-officer-robert-wilson-iiiOfc. Robert Wilson III

Philadelphia Police Department, PA

End of Watch: 3-5-15 Gunfire

police-officer-terence-greenDet. Terence Avery

Fulton County Police Department, GA

End of Watch: 3-4-15 Gunfire

special-agent-william-sheldonS.A. William Sheldon

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, NY

End of Watch: 3-2-15  9/11 Related Illness

2015-pepperK9 Pepper

Wise County Sheriff’s Department, TX

End of Watch: 1-28-15  Gunfire

2015-sultanK9 Sultan

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, CA

End of Watch: 1-21-15     Gunfire

Steven_Bonano_NYPDDeputy Chief Steven Bonano

New York City Police Department, NY

End of Watch: 1-17-15    9/11 Related Illness

police-officer-craig-chandlerOfc. Craig Chandler

Baltimore City Police Department, MD

End of Watch: 1-9-15  Vehicle Pursuit








5 thoughts on “End of Watch Part 3

  1. Heartbreaking. First news I saw this morning was an article on Officers Tate and Deen. I don’t know which of them said it, but if he were my family member, I would treasure his last words: “Am I dying? I know I’m dying. Just hand me my walkie-talkie.” I don’t know if his tone of voice was angry or sad or frightened or resigned, but I know those are the words of someone who does his best, and who takes his responsibilities seriously.


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