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beatingbaltimorePictured above is a refutation of the claim that only property was damaged in Baltimore.  Source video is linked below.

  1. Convenient Rules
  2. Woman Shot by STLMPD
  3. Dorian Johnson arrested by STLMPD
  4. New Teeth to Mack’s Creek
  5. CALEA
  6. #Cutthecheck

1. Convenient Rules

While the following is hardly new, I have started taking inventory of various debate tactics used by the Ferguson Twitter Brigade. A lot of their arguments revolve around conveniently altering or misrepresenting language in such a way that just so happens to give them a moral advantage.   If I’m allowed to arbitrarily redefine the color of the sky to be red, then you lose the argument when you tell me that it’s blue.  Of course, this doesn’t make any sense in objective reality, but objective reality was long ago rejected by many of these individuals.  Objective reality has simply become whatever the best story is to fit your political agenda.

For example (and as discussed before in earlier entries), “racism” has been redefined to exclude it’s usage against minorities due to some silly requirement of a power structure. I say “silly” because of the current minority members in all levels of government particularly when compared to the lack of representation by traditionally racist groups such as the KKK or the Nazis.  If power structure is required for the designation of “racist” then the term does not fit the above hate groups and that notion is unequivocally silly.

Furthermore, the fact that there is the need for a redefinition in the first place is in response to allegations of racism committed by members of the minority community engaged in acts or words that would be considered “racist” by any other group. Redefinition removes culpability from those opting to take on the detestable mantra of racial supremacy.  When caught doing something wrong, the strategy has become to change the rules and what is considered wrong.

In another example, “thug” has been redefined to be a modern “n-word.” While it certainly can be used in that fashion, an absolutist view of the term is clearly meant to demonize the user as a covert racist regardless of reality.  Of course, given the above discussion, it’s ironic that an entire group is exempt from a designation so terrible as to require covert slurs.

More recently, members of the Ferguson Twitter Brigade have been stomping their feet in reference to “whites” who quote the late great MLK, typically in reference to the modern violence in Baltimore and Dr. King’s abhorrence for violence.  There’s a humorous level of mental gymnastics inherent in people claiming that a historical figure and their perspectives can only be used to bolster one side of an argument due simply to a shared skin pigment.  The argument is rendered even more ironic when those who are upset at his use in debate are also actively participating in or excusing violent behavior diametrically opposed to the civil rights leader’s overarching philosophy and life’s work.  It’s apparently offensive for “whites” to quote MLK but not offensive for others to disregard everything he stood for.

Furthermore, in reference to violence (particularly in Baltimore), the main talking points have become some variation of “We shouldn’t judge how people act out in anger” or “People are more upset over broken windows than broken spines.” The first point is absurd at face value seeing as any civilized society has a legitimate vested interest in dictating how angry people react to lots of things.  For further information, see “LAW”.

Anger is not an affirmative defense to anything. Historical Southern anger toward minorities did not and should not excuse lynchings, church burnings, and bombings. Modern Minority anger toward the government/police does not and should not excuse violence perpetrated in pursuance to that rage to include, murder, arson, assault, robbery, etc.injuredreporter

Note the irony in the above subtitle regarding “Police Brutality” while showing an individual brutalized by protesters.

In reference to the second talking point, the minimalist perspective that many of us witnessed first hand in Ferguson is apparently alive and well. At least 20 officers were injured during the Baltimore riots. One person was injured during a related fire. Other random civilians could be witnessed being assaulted during the Orioles game during the first day of unrest as pictured above.  This activity has been equated to “Broken Windows” and that is one of the fundamental reasons why this violence has continued from Ferguson and expanded beyond the St. Louis region.

2. Woman Shot By STLMPD

A white woman was shot by police while in possession of a handgun during a domestic disturbance in South City. Apparently the woman was the wife of a St. Louis City Sheriff’s Deputy.  It should be noted for those outside the area that the City Sheriff is only responsible largely for paper service and court security with all other policing services conducted by the City Police.  The County works in a similar fashion when referring to the County Sheriff.

In the aftermath, the woman’s sister claims malfeasance on the part of officers and says that the woman was really the victim in the disturbance and police jumped the gun by shooting her. A couple of weird issues with this case:

-This took place at the woman’s brother’s house.

-Upon officer arrival, the brother in question was fleeing the house.

-Woman’s sister claims that her brother’s ex-girlfriend was in the house armed with a screwdriver. However, there was no reference to this third party in any of the released information by City Police.

-Versions of what happened have changed now several times by all involved. City Police first claimed that the woman was shot once and that has now changed to around seven. Woman’s sister first claimed that City Police shot her in the back and that has now changed to shot her in the front as she was trying to put the gun down.

Whatever took place is definitely strange and there does not appear to be enough information available at this time to put the puzzle together.

3. Dorian Johnson Arrested by STLMPD

Dorian Johnson was arrested by City Police for possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest/ interference with an arrest (both charges are in the same statute). From what I can gather, police were supposedly called to the area in reference to suspicious people possibly armed with guns. They made contact with Dorian Johnson, his brother, and a few others I suspect are juveniles due to the use of the initials instead of their names. One of the juveniles had a bulge in his pants so the officers attempted to conduct a terry frisk of the juvenile. Dorian’s brother advised the officers that they could not do this and put his hands on the officer. The officers went to arrest the brother for that contact at which point Dorian became involved apparently jumping into what had become a push-and-pull, textbook Assault on a LEO Third / Resisting / Interfering with a lawful arrest/detention. The terry frisk and its justifiability accounts for a lawful detention.

There was some discrepancy in the charges due to city officers attempting to charge Dorian Johnson in reference to a cold syrup bottle on his person that they thought was laced with a controlled substance. Why they thought this is not clear, let alone why they assumed that they would be able to get charges on something like that without a field-test (short term) or lab results (which would take much longer). Anyways, the possession charges have been dropped but the other resisting related charges remain.

Probable cause affidavit is available on the RFT, here:

4. New Teeth to Mack’s Creek

The state mandated revenue percentage maximum for revenue derived from tickets/fines, known as Mack’s Creek Law, is being reduced to 12.5%. Financially, 12.5% is already far too low to sustain many of the North County Fiefdoms many of whom are collecting upwards of 30-45%.  Furthermore, now there are actual consequences for not abiding by the law.  Once the law officially goes into effect, the state Attorney General will have the ability to sue a venue failing to abide by Mack’s Creek into forcing a vote for dis-incorporation which would dissolve a city’s government and corresponding city services.  There is also a new Accreditation requirement stating that all Policing Agencies in St. Louis County must become accredited in six years by way of CALEA (international accreditation) or the MO Chief’s Accreditation program.

Any of the small agencies who survive the revenue restrictions will most likely be killed by forced accreditation either from an inability to meet standards or an inability to pay the fees associated with the regular audits. CALEA audits apparently run somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000 a piece.  The Missouri Police Chief’s Accreditation seems, at least at a cursory glance, to be much less stringent.  Otherwise, what I predicted to be a slow bleed for the Muni’s may actually come quite a bit quicker. At least that much is a good thing.  Unfortunately, there is still no word on how St. Louis County Police plans on suddenly covering so much area for policing services in dangerous high crime areas as their own departmental exodus continues unabated.

  1. CALEA

CALEA, or the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, is essentially an exercise in over-thinking much smaller or nonexistent problems in hopes that no one realizes that they don’t have any solutions to the bigger ones. The standards for policies are all largely cookie cutter (and plagiarized by most non-accredited agencies) and once in place more or less concludes any usefulness for accreditation.  Furthermore, CALEA requires some of the most absurd report writing ever without any real benefit.

Example of a hypothetical traditional report excerpt, jumping to the end:

“At 2200, I placed Mr. Smith under arrest for Domestic Assault in the Third Degree. I transported him back to the police department where he was booked according to department procedure. Afterward, I released him on summons to St. Louis County Police in reference to a Felony Warrant through that agency.

Nothing further.”

Example of a CALEA report.

“…At approximately 2200, I asked Mr. Smith to put his hands behind his back and advised him that he was under arrest for the misdemeanor crime of Domestic Assault in the Third Degree. I placed his wrists in handcuffs taking care to activate the double locking mechanism. Then I conducted a search of his outer clothing for weapons. Nothing was located during the search. Next, I placed Mr. Smith in the front passenger seat of my patrol car and seat-belted him in. It should be noted that my patrol car does not have a cage in it.

Mr. Smith suffered no injuries during the arrest and did not request medical treatment at any time for any reason. At no time was Mr. Smith advised of his Miranda rights because he was never questioned once in custody.

We arrived at the police station at approximately 2205 and I escorted Mr. Smith into the booking room. Immediately upon entering the booking room, I undid Mr. Smith’s handcuffs and placed him in a temporary holding cell within our booking room. It should be noted that the booking room is equipped with video and audio recording devices, and said video was placed into evidence according to departmental procedure at a later time, once Mr. Smith had exited the police station.

Mr. Smith was booked according to departmental procedure, had fingerprints taken, and was photographed. No items were taken from Mr. Smith and he signed a departmental form acknowledging that all of his personal belongings were still in his possession. Mr. Smith was released on summons from our agency for the crime of Domestic Assault Third, but due to a pending felony warrant for Possession of a Controlled Substance except thirty five grams or less of Marijuana, I transported him to St. Louis County’s Justice Services facility in Clayton.

Before leaving the police station, I re-secured Mr. Smith’s wrists in handcuffs and once again made sure to activate the double locking mechanism. Then I placed him in the front passenger seat of my patrol car and made sure to seat belt him in again. We left the station at approximately 2330 and arrived at Justice Services at approximately 2340. I released Mr. Smith to St. Louis County and returned to my venue at approximately 0020, of the following day.”

This is all for a basic and uneventful arrest.

The argument for accreditation, and CALEA specifically, has always been that saying your department is CALEA accredited reduces the likelihood of lawsuits.  That claim is largely unverifiable and in light of current events seems demonstratively false.  Darren Wilson’s shooting would have been justified according to a CALEA Use of Force Policy so Ferguson would have still burned and the lawsuits that remain pending would not have been curtailed by some mythical accreditation. The same is true for other officer involved shootings in the region including that of Antonio Martin and Vonderitt Myers.

  1. #Cutthecheck

It’s greed that’s prevented true organization from occurring within the Ferguson Protests, greed for money, greed for fame, and greed for power. Beyond that, I’m going to let the Tweets speak for themselves.

cutthecheck1cutthecheck2 cutthecheck3 cutthecheck4



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