Update 5/21/2015

06440004I’ve been a little busy lately, which fortunately has not had anything to do with the Ferguson area.  While there really haven’t been many protests of late, there are a few items of interest.


1.) Mike Brown is getting a plaque in his honor on Canfield to replace the mold infested stuffed animal pit that is currently there both in the middle of the street and on the adjacent sidewalk.

2.) Protesters showed up at St. Louis City Prosecutor, Jennifer Joyce’s residence a few mornings ago in reference to a report released by her office that the evidence supported the conclusion that Vonderitt Myers shot at the St. Louis City Officer who killed him and thusly charges would not be filed for a objectively justified incident.  Among the arrested protesters was commenter on this blog, Elizabeth Vega.

3.) I fear that the End of Watch posts will become far too frequent this year so I’ve made a dedicated page to the fallen.  You can reach it in the menu on the left-hand side of the page.  I will make a short post whenever it is updated.  Unfortunately, the page already has two new additions from earlier incidents.

4.) In case anyone was wondering, crime has been a little out of control lately.  Two nights ago, Normandy had a gun related homicide.  A night ago, a party in Kinloch was attacked by a drive-by style attack resulting in four people injured by gunfire.  The city continues to see nightly incidents of people struck or killed with gunfire.  The county continues to see nightly incidents of shots fired.  If you can avoid it, I would stay away from the area at and around North Hanley Metrolink after dark.  A fight, robbery, or shooting seems to take place every night.

5.) I read the dumbest article of the moment a few hours ago on STLToday.com, the Post Dispatch’s website.


A couple of obvious distinctions:

  • The bulk of the participants of the massacre in Waco, both tacit and active, have been ARRESTED and CHARGED with serious crimes.
  • After the gunfight was over, the bulk surrendered.
  • The Media hasn’t been bending over backwards lying about the extent of the shooting and trying to excuse what violence they were unable to ignore.  Case in point, there is a blatantly incorrect statement in the middle of the article that there were no fatalities in Ferguson and Baltimore.  I can’t speak for Baltimore but DeAndre Joshua’s family would probably dispute the claim in reference to Ferguson.



4 thoughts on “Update 5/21/2015

  1. It’s interesting to note the Schnucks Supermarkets is building a new warehouse in Kinloch. Apparently Bridgeton wouldn’t let them expand their current facility due to concerns about an ammonia leak. They currently have ammonia based refrigeration for produce and frozen foods, so why creating a bigger refrigeration plant would be an issue, I don’t understand, especially since Bridgeton already has a landfill that’s spewing gases from an underground fire, and also had an area of buried radioactive materials.

    I hope Schnucks doesn’t live to regret its choice of location.

    Also, there was a story from Investor’s Business Daily stating that some Ferguson protestors were unhappy they haven’t been paid for their efforts as protestors? Paid? They should be sued, along with the people who put up the money, for all the damage that was done.


  2. “I fear that the End of Watch posts will become far too frequent this year”

    I share that fear, but I think it’s less a fear than a logical conclusion.

    Baltimore crime is up as well, not surprisingly.

    “After the gunfight was over, the bulk surrendered.”

    Agreeing with your points, but I also saw no indication that the police in Waco were under the remotest threat from surrounding observers. No one throwing bottles or rocks, no one screaming in a cop’s face, nobody blocking the ambulances, etc. etc.

    One the upside, most of the people commenting on the article do indeed see a big difference between thugs acting like thugs, and a whole neighborhood rioting and harming innocents. One of them is inevitable; the other, for most people, is outrageous, unusual, and disturbing — all the things that draw journalists.


    • I started to read it, and I will finish it, but he’s 100% wrong in reference to Henry Davis and Ferguson PD. Davis was in a cell and evidently not in handcuffs due to the fact that he broke a CO’s nose. He thought he was in St. Peters when he was arrested almost 20 miles away in Ferguson for DWI and a sound alike warrant that turned out to be to a different Henry Davis. The warrant error didn’t negate the DWI. They overeacted by trying to charge him with property damage but every use of force policy in the country would allow for strikes with closed fists and impact weapons to include batons at the point that a suspect breaks a CO’s nose. Life is frequently not as sterile as primetime TV makes it out to be. People bleed when they get hit sometimes. It’s not pretty but how something looks is not relevant to legality or necessity.

      Furthermore, he refused to cooperate with medics and later ER doctors which made his bleeding injury appear even worse.


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