Defining Peace

IMG_20150714_094848A St. Louis Metro Officer was shot in the chest yesterday morning (7/14/15) in the Central West End while sitting in uniform in his personal car.  Fortunately, he was wearing his ballistic vest which worked as advertised.  He was transported to the hospital but is apparently going to be just fine.   fuppedwindowdressingThe officer managed to return fire through the windshield so it’s unclear from the cover picture which shots came from the officer and which came from the assassin.  Afterward, the shooter fled in what was described as a gray ford Taurus along with three additional people.

Sometime later, a gunshot victim who apparently drove a similar car checked himself into the hospital claiming to have been shot in the city around the time of the earlier incident.  It hasn’t been confirmed that this person is or is not formally a suspect, but it is rumored that the other individuals from the car have all been taken into custody in the interim.

The story is crazy enough as is, but not to be outdone, the Ferguson Twitter Brigade couldn’t leave well enough alone and took advantage of another opportunity to prove just how classless they are.

Specifically, before the scene had even been fully processed, an individual going by the Twitter handled, “Dhoruba Shakur” decided to show up to protest the site proving to have just about as much grace and fundamental humanity as a member of the Westboro Baptist Church.dhorubadhoruba1 dhoruba2 dhoruba3whatanassholelookslikeNot to be outdone, other regular protesters added their own two cents from the Twitter peanut gallery.keithrosetweet1tweet3 tweet5 tweet6tweet11Then there was Heather, the same individual who continually likes to make the baseless claim that the two officers shot back in March in front of Ferguson PD were struck accidentally by Jeffrey Williams, who she clairvoyantly claims was actually trying to shoot at protesters.  I will never forget her shrill voice repeatedly screaming periodically in the aftermath of that night that St. Louis County was destroying evidence while we tried to secure that scene.

heather2I wonder what it’s like to be so irony-immune.  She sarcastically wonders what the potential political motivation of the attack was while responding to posts referencing a member of a national protest movement who shows up to the scene of a shooting to offer his endorsement.  It’s events like this that help to break down the myth of the “peaceful” protester from last summer.  It hadn’t even been 24 hours before these Mensa candidates had crafted fifteen different possible scenarios that ended with the officer, the victim of a shooting, being responsible for someone else trying to kill him.

It’s this type of thinking that reinforces the notion that “Black Lives Matter” continues to be a misnomer.  It’s this type of thinking that reinforces the notion that outrage directed at the phrase “All Lives Matter” is not due to an attempted minimization of Black struggle, but simply due to the fact that the phrase “Black Lives Matter” truly means ONLY Black Lives Matter to these protesters.

Interestingly, it turned out that the officer in question was in fact a black man, but in the above race to find fault with his victim-hood and skip out on any objective consideration of the facts, they went with what they assumed to be true:

That a racist white male officer was shot for doing something illegal or failing that simply deserved to die for the badge he wears.  Of course, this is the type of “peace” that has been called for:tweet7


4 thoughts on “Defining Peace

  1. No, we need extra police and the National Guard stopping and frisking everyone in these crime ridden neighborhoods, knocking on doors and removing illegal guns. I know that violates several articles of the Bill of Rights, but unless all these Black people with guns kill each other, nothing else is going to solve this problem, except for maybe voluntary unilateral disarmament on their part, which I don’t see happening. That 23rd Ward Alderman whose nephew was killed recently was all upset, and rightfully so, but unless the adults in the Black community step up and do something, this will go on and on.

    As for Black Lives Matter, that’s a crock of crap, because if they did, these people would not be killing each other every day of the year! It’s OK when they do it, it’s not OK when the police do it? Give me a break.


  2. Recently, it was reported that Karl Rove, the GOP strategist, tweeted that the only way to stop the gun violence was to remove all the guns from society! Some were surprised that this would be said by someone like Karl Rove, especiallysince it seemed so shocking honest, and against what the GOP promotes in the opposite direction–more guns for all!


  3. I always love your take on things. You rock! It is mind boggling the stupidity out there. They are too dense to realize. I hope someday I can shake your hand in person! Have a great day.


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