Part 2

WSPart 2 of my 4 Part series is now available on Youtube.

There is a lot of talk about the anniversary of Mike Brown’s death possibly stirring up renewed unrest/rioting.  At this point, my opinion is that the chances are about 50/50.  Protests will occur, but whether or not they descend into a repeat of this time last year is not clear.

It’s entirely plausible that scheduled protests will be more consistent with what was seen during the Ferguson October event last year.  Had Vonderitt Myers not gotten himself shot earlier that week, nothing probably would have happened during the weekend.

One of the things I’ve learned since last year is the difference between those on the street willing to start fires and shoot at police, and those posers who want to derive power by implied (and in some cases explicit) association.  The latter were in charge of Ferguson October.  They may be in charge of the scheduled events for the anniversary.

The problem is that Ferguson and North County as a whole are not safe places these days, as they haven’t been for many years.  Distractions allow for more violent people to come out of the shadows and kickstart riots all while those responsible for the distractions give cause, endorsement, and protection to the violence.

With that said, as soon as there is another Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) in North County involving a white cop and a black suspect, justified or not, bad things will happen.  If there is any question about the circumstances, or God forbid, a shooting is legitimately unjustified, riots are a certainty.



3 thoughts on “Part 2

  1. Good analysis of a sad state of affairs. And the situation will worsen, and more LEO’s lives will be lost, until we have a president who lets law enforcers enforce the law. Terribly sad. Be safe, sir. God bless you and all LEO’s.

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    • A number of things should have been done differently in Ferguson. However, Ferguson and Charleston are very different examples so what Charleston did right is not necessarily applicable to Ferguson and vice versa. However there are a few comparative issues:

      1.) In Charleston, when information came to light contradicting earlier information, they clarified this. The fact that people still think Mike Brown was stopped for jaywalking and Wilson had no knowledge of the Ferg. Market robbery is evidence of blatant failures in information dissemination.
      2.) There was an arrest made in Charleston, which while not warranted in Ferguson the reason ‘why’ needed to be explained more fully to the community. It could have easily been summed up with:
      A. The radio traffic proving Wilson’s knowledge of the robbery (as well as the short length of the altercation)
      B. Blood evidence inside the car proving the struggle
      C. The bullet from inside Wilson’s door
      D. Blood evidence from the street showing that Mike Brown reached a point further east aprox. 20 feet from where his body finally came to rest.
      3.) With the above information available the “eye witnesses” who made the rounds in the media could have been discounted for the liars almost all turned out to be.

      Given what eventually happened in Ferguson, these changes might not have fixed anything but it would have helped to eliminate some of the oft cited excuses for the violence. The community reaction is one of the reasons why the notion that, as much as they would like to delusional-y believe otherwise, the Ferguson Protesters are not representative of Black people. The people of Charleston handled their incident of blatant police brutality without violence. Ferguson exploded on a Mulder-esque “I want to believe” lie.

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