Cycle of Violence

augustalloveragainHere’s what happened last night…

Gunmen got into a shootout with each other which eventually brought them into contact with plainclothes detectives.  At least one of the gunmen opened fire on detectives striking their vehicle and causing the police to return fire.

unmarkedcarshotAt least one shooter was shot in the process and the last I heard was in critical, unstable condition.

Crowds had already started to get out of control before this point, looting at least one business during the thunderstorm that rolled through earlier in the night.  After the officer involved shooting, the crowds became even more violent injuring at least one officer with thrown debris.  Tear gas was eventually deployed and the streets cleared out.

Oh yeah, and one other thing:  Two more people were shot on Canfield later in the night, but the media seems to have missed out on that.  I watched both parties get put onto respective ambulances.

Mental yoga has already commenced on Twitter as the usual suspects bend and contort to find a way, ANY way, to blame us for the events discussed above.



2 thoughts on “Cycle of Violence

  1. I watched the early confrontation when crowds blocked the street and a police line was formed. Why the police didn’t clear the street after issuing warnings to stop blocking the street is beyond me. I’m tired of these “optics”. These “protestors” are like unruly children who need discipline. They taunt the police and fail to follow lawful police orders. It’s no wonder we’ve had an increase in violence since last year. They think the police aren’t serious. It’s time to arrest people who don’t follow an order to disperse after a count it 1, 2, 3.

    By the way, did you see the two men with shotguns and one with a pistol in front of the Ferguson Market and Liquor store last night. So much for confidence in the police.

    It’s way past time to shut this crap off.

    I wish Chris Koster were governor.


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