Part 3

WSPart 3 of my 4 part, not-for-profit, documentary is out today.

A couple of other things:

-I wish I could talk more about the night of 8/9/15 but unfortunately, my assignment that night was quite a bit more specialized so talking about it in depth while maintaining my anonymity is probably impossible.

-St. Louis County is being forced to investigate one of their officers in reference to a Facebook post he made about taking his wife to a bread&breakfast with overtime money earned during the protester labeled “Mike Brown Anniversary Weekend.”  That is literally the extent of his accused wrongdoing.  Show of hands, how many people would be investigated by their employer for making a Facebook post about taking their spouse to a B&B with legally obtained overtime?

The fact that said overtime was gained policing Ferguson during a time period when three people were shot, and many more were shot at including officers, is more justification, not less, to use one’s time off and overtime unwinding with a loved one.  Though attrition throughout all North St. Louis County policing agencies is at all time highs, the County alone has supposedly been averaging 5 resignations a pay period.  Those that remain make no qualms about discussing the fact that morale is in the tank and with stories like this appearing in the national news, it’s no wonder why.

-The good news of the moment is that the unrest seems to have subsided once again.  Other serious problems remain, but short of another officer involved shooting we seem to be out of the woods, riot wise.  The violent crime situation is another story…



4 thoughts on “Part 3

  1. The people who complain about the officer’s “vacation” post are petty, to say the least. But then, they’ve been like that all along. After all, he probably was told he had to work the extra time.


  2. The officer doesn’t need a justification on how he spends his earning. I think he was making a bit of a sarcastic joke about it, in that, if people had been civil, none of the extra policing would have been required.


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