officersinjuredinfergusonfirstweeksDOJ Chart of Officers Injured in Ferguson for August 2014 (PG 110 of the DOJ’s After-Action Assessment)

I’ve already discussed the “findings” from the DOJ’s latest report on the St. Louis County Response to Ferguson.  However, buried underneath the findings is a great deal of evidence confirming many of the violent actions I’ve chronicled in this blog from the beginning. The evidence ironically justifies most of the tactics and optics that the DOJ criticized. Even those actions which cannot be justified are given a much more understandable context from the violence perpetrated by “peaceful protesters” against the police and innocent members of the Ferguson community.

Quick Facts (from August):

  • 13 Days of Criminal Unrest and Rioting
  • 10 of those days resulted in gunshots fired by persons other than police
  • Excluding Brown, at least 6 people were shot
  • 39 Police Officers Injured

What follows is a timeline of the DOJ’s buried evidence:

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