Terrorism, Pt. 2

article-shooter-0717Pictured above is Gavin Long, AKA Cosmo, murderer of police officers in Baton Rouge

It has been less than 24 hours since Gavin Long engaged in an ambush attack against police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana killing three and wounding many others.  Without fail, members of the media are already trying to distance him from the Black Lives Matter movement specifically citing his sovereign citizen-esque rhetoric.

To be fair, Mr. Long apparently anticipated the possibility of his group identity becoming an issue should he act on his many vague Youtube threats.  As such he preemptively posted this:

 Comparison to more right or libertarian leaning Sovereign citizen groups has already been cited as evidence of his departure from the left leaning BLM.  The problem with this conclusion is that it is a gross simplification and a demonstration of sheer ignorance regarding the spectrum that such philosophies really encompass.

Specifically, Long was a part of the “Moorish” based Washitaw Nation.  Like all Sovereign Citizen rhetoric, the specifics are not as relevant as the overly complicated legaleese which only exists to confuse and annoy actual lawyers.  The end result is always the same: a sovereign citizen is exempt from US laws for… well… reasons.


Interestingly, it seems as though I just spoke about another self proclaimed Sovereign Citizen in my last post.

This is Oluwajon Ali.  Ali is a Moorish Sovereign Citizen not unlike Cosmo.  He is also a New Black Panther Party member who was convicted of attempting to purchase explosives from an individual he didn’t know was an FBI agent prior to the Grand Jury decision in Ferguson.  He and his co-conspirator Brandon Baldwin also attempted to buy firearms for use against police in the Grand Jury aftermath.


Here is Mr. Ali in Canfield Green Apartments in Ferguson participating in a Black Lives Matter protest.  Like seemingly everything else of late, being a Moorish Sovereign Citizen not only doesn’t mean that you can’t somehow share in Black Lives Matter politics, it’s actually ideologically related.  We’ve been here before.

For Part 1:




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