WSThis is a blog by an anonymous police officer taking part in the response to the riots in Ferguson, MO.  If you’re new, I suggest you start with the entry Dissonance:


Other important entries in reference to the first weeks of rioting include:



And my first-hand account of the Post-Grand Jury Unrest:


Comments and concerns can be directed to dissonantwinstonsmith@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. thank you for publishing this blog. i hope you continue to do so. i found your narrative very helpful in understanding the whole situation. i am a life-long saint louisian and hope this tragedy can eventually stir real and positive change.


  2. Why do you post this as an anonymous police officer? Why not just state your name? Lol it makes no sense. If you are so happy expressing your opinions on your hatred for activists then state your name. you know their name! They are speaking out on something that they believe in and actually taking action! While you on the other hand are hiding behind a keyboard. I hope you’re a decent officer!


    • I post anonymously for a variety of reasons:

      1. I have received threats of violence from Ferguson protesters and I aim to protect myself and my family.

      2. I know of more than one STL based agency who has had personnel information hacked since August.

      3. Numerous officers have had their names slandered/libeled by Ferguson Protesters across social media.

      4. Posting anonymously prevents any possible blow-back, political or otherwise on other officers working in my agency whose opinions may differ from my own.

      5. There is no need for me to state my name. My opinions can be considered or ignored at your discretion. Anything relating to Ferguson is a politically sensitive topic and I’ve decided that while I feel the need to express (at least what I consider to be) an important viewpoint in this ordeal that has largely gone unspoken, I would rather remain anonymous while doing so. A number of Ferguson Protesters have taken on the image of Guy Fawkes opting for that same coverage and I fail to see why I can’t decide to speak freely without revealing my identity as well.

      Having been repeatedly on the skirmish line with bottles and bricks thrown at my head, ducked down behind cars while gunshots rang out, and witnessed officers shot, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on your definition of “hiding behind a keyboard.”


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