False Alarm

10007455_307062726158841_8581588232968569177_nIt seems as though the November 10th date for the release of the Grand Jury decision was a hoax. Perhaps it was intentional, but a hoax nonetheless. It was even being widely spread throughout law enforcement. If this date was released intentionally, it was an epic success because now, when a date is inevitably leaked in the future, no one will believe it is legitimate until the decision officially comes out. Also, many people losing their minds about military gear in and around the St. Louis area apparently forgot that Veteran’s Day was this weekend.

A few topics for today:

  1. -FAA No Fly Zone
  2. -UMSL Student Beating
  3. -Mike Brown’s mother
  4. -Darren Wilson Bounty
  5. -Eric Holder and SLU Continue reading