Witnesses: Part III


  • Part I: Crime Scene Detective 1
  • Part II: Crime Scene Detective 2
  • Part III: Forensic Pathologist
  • Part IV: Dorian Johnson (Not yet posted)

Forensic Pathologist – St. Louis County

This segment is a little bit harder to read because it is largely in reference to pictorial evidence that we do not have access to.  The summaries of the injuries toward the end are the most important element.

All Page Numbers are in reference to total 4799 page PDF.


Summary of important topics:

  • -Autopsy took place on August 10th, 2014
  • -Body was locked in a container and transported. Chain of custody was maintained from scene to medical examiner.
  • -Michael Brown weighed 289 lbs and was 6 foot 5 inches tall.
  • -Forensic Pathologist explains his rationale between entry/exit wounds.
  • -The injury to the hand was a close range gun shot graze
  • -The injury to the eye was not fatal. The gunshot entered the skin of the head and went toward the point of least resistance which traveled through Brown’s eye but did not pierce his skull.
  • -The injury that entered the top of his head was fatal and presumably the final shot.
  • -The top of the head shot came from a distance greater than 3 feet.
  • -6 entrance wounds. 3 exit wounds. 2 graze wounds.
  • -All shots were to the front. The shot to the dorsal portion of the right forearm arm could have come while trailing behind or from a number of other scenarios.


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