Defining Peace

IMG_20150714_094848A St. Louis Metro Officer was shot in the chest yesterday morning (7/14/15) in the Central West End while sitting in uniform in his personal car.  Fortunately, he was wearing his ballistic vest which worked as advertised.  He was transported to the hospital but is apparently going to be just fine.   fuppedwindowdressingThe officer managed to return fire through the windshield so it’s unclear from the cover picture which shots came from the officer and which came from the assassin.  Afterward, the shooter fled in what was described as a gray ford Taurus along with three additional people.

Sometime later, a gunshot victim who apparently drove a similar car checked himself into the hospital claiming to have been shot in the city around the time of the earlier incident.  It hasn’t been confirmed that this person is or is not formally a suspect, but it is rumored that the other individuals from the car have all been taken into custody in the interim.

The story is crazy enough as is, but not to be outdone, the Ferguson Twitter Brigade couldn’t leave well enough alone and took advantage of another opportunity to prove just how classless they are. Continue reading


Lexington vs. Ferguson

CBzZ2ZOUMAA-WSy.jpg largePictured above is a police officer in riot gear, wearing a plate carrier, and firing a pepperball gun at rioters in Lexington, KY, last night.  4-4 into 4-5-15.

Similar to the aftermath of the one-night Pumpkin riot in New Hampshire last fall, the Ferguson Twitter Brigade has been on a tangent today trying to contrast the tactics and media coverage of police in Lexington, KY responding to post basketball riots, with that of Ferguson.  A few of their specific claims include:

  • 1.) That chemical munitions were not used.
  • 2.) That rioters were not arrested.
  • 3.) That the media is refusing to call the events “riots” but other more forgiving terms.

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Of Note


A few months back, I discussed the case of New Black Panther Party members, Olajuwon Ali Davis and Brandon Baldwin, who at the time had been indicted on attempting to illegally obtain firearms for the purpose of killing cops in the aftermath of the Grand Jury decision.  Back then, there were rumors that these two individuals had also been a part of a greater plot to obtain explosives with the intent of bringing down or damaging the Gateway Arch.  They also apparently intended to kill St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch and now-former Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson. Continue reading