problemPictured above is a map showing reported violent crime: murder, felony assault, robbery, and arson, to St. Louis County Police since August in the area around W. Florissant near Ferguson.  It does not include those same crimes reported to Muni’s in the area which explains why it drops off at the Ferguson City limits and other corresponding city limits.  In other words, this is an under-representation of the total problem.

The DOJ is apparently preparing to release another report on Ferguson in the coming weeks. The report is expected to be a condemnation of the tactics used by the officers from around fifty agencies who responded to the riots following the death of Mike Brown back in August.

While the Response Report is expected within the next several days, a much larger report on St. Louis County Police in the vein of the Ferguson report from March is expected later this month.  The timing of these reports is suspect considering that we are currently one month away from the anniversary of the riots, a time that almost everyone in Law Enforcement expects to be bad… though at the moment we can only guess as to how bad.  County Police are reportedly going to twelve hour shifts again preemptively around that time just in case.

While I don’t have access to the entire Response Report, a supposedly confidential executive summary of the report was leaked to the St. Louis Post Dispatch. According to the Post, the DOJ faults the response in the following ways, which I’ve organized into a more manageable format for my own dissemination.  My commentary is in italics: Continue reading


Name Tags

Name Tags

It seems like there’s going to be plenty to write on in the next several days, so I would expect fewer long posts and quite a few more shorter ones.  Today’s discussion:  Mandatory Name Tags. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Police Command

Protesters throw rocks and attempt to block the street after protests in reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown turned violent near Ferguson, MissouriThe picture above is the start of the blockade I referenced in “Bloody Sunday.”  That same night a CNN reporter claimed it didn’t exist.  Here it is, near Canfield, albeit much smaller than when I saw it in person.

The following letter is directed primarily to the command staff of the St. Louis County Police as well as to the Ferguson Police Department.  The focus of the letter is largely in reference to the riot response and continued protests.  This letter is not in reference to the Mike Brown / Darren Wilson Investigation.
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