Organizational Overlap

titleI received a forwarded email a few weeks ago in reference to an issue that was brought up in the comments section of one of my entries. Apparently, Ferguson and St. Louis County have or had been (at that point) searching a church pretty regularly. I believe the email I received begins to explain why.  My resulting investigation, which is not official by any means, revealed the following:

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The Need for Secrecy


The picture above is a still image of the arson that took place at the QuikTrip on W. Florissant in Ferguson, MO. I’ve discussed the story of why QuikTrip was specifically targeted before, but it’s so important to the nature of the conflict in Ferguson that I’ll tell it again. On 08/10/2014, a rumor was spread throughout the community. The story was that employees of the QuikTrip called the police due to Mike Brown shoplifting cigarillos.  The response to this rumor can be seen immediately below:

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