Birth of a Crisis

ApparentlylolWhile no amount of justification is adequate to rationalize away the violence perpetrated by protesters in the days following Mike Brown’s death, it is important to understand where a fair deal of the prerequisite rage originated.  The frequent target is racism but when reviewing twitter traffic in the hours and days following August 9th it becomes clear that many of the myths still spread today originated from specific individuals.  What follows is an examination of many (though not all) of the important tweets that occurred immediately following Mike Brown’s death. I’ve been using the following website as a source: Continue reading


Deliberate Disclosures

target_00382623 copyThe last week or so has resulted in a number of strange leaks of inside information related to the Darren Wilson / Mike Brown investigation.  Some people are now speculating that due to the multitude of leaks being released that perhaps St. Louis County has a pretty good idea that Wilson will not be indicted and is trying to slowly release information so that it can be disseminated overtime as opposed to a sucker punch with an overwhelming drop of information.  I think there might actually be something to this theory.  However, I should note that if this theory is accurate, it doesn’t involve officers on the ground as I haven’t heard anything confirming or denying the idea.  Included below is a discussion of the leaks thus far as well as specific discussion of the official autopsy report.

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Public Relations

5424f7a9a0d30.preview-620A Code 2000 was called last night. My agency responded though I was not working at the time. Protests became violent near the Ferguson Police Department on S. Florissant. What preceded the violence was a series of actions by Chief Tom Jackson of Ferguson Police which included an apology speech. By all accounts, the speech was stupid. It seems law enforcement and protesters actually agree on something today even if the reasoning used by each group is diametrically opposed.

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My Job

riot_policeI’ve seen a surge in views and comments over the last several days, most positive, but some of them negative. Most of the new responses have been directed at the post, “I’m Sick Of.” That post was largely just a collection of random heartfelt musings I had one night. It was not intended to have received quite the attention that it has in the last week, particularly when compared to other posts like “Dissonance” and “Bloody Sunday” which I feel are not only stronger posts but also much more important.

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Bloody Sunday

A Week Later…


I arrived at the station that night at about 2040. I was on the road in a police car for maybe a minute and had traveled just outside of the parking lot, when I flipped on the scan function on my radio. Immediately, I heard, “Um… be advised, we’ve got several hundred… correction… several thousand demonstrators heading south on West Florissant toward the CP [Command Post].”
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“We’ve got to go.  They’re rioting in Ferguson,” my friend Rick said
quickly as I walked into the police station on the evening of August 10th,
2014.  I grabbed a set of keys from the wall and seconds later, we were in
a car together heading toward Ferguson, Missouri, a municipality in North
St. Louis County.  We didn’t work for Ferguson PD but we knew if they were
calling for our help, things weren’t going well.  “Officer-in-need-of-aid”
calls came through every so often and we would respond when they were
close.  However, from the start we knew this time was different.

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