Worth Investigating


Lt. Blakeney, formerly of the Pine Lawn Police Department, is an individual whom I have never met personally but someone whose reputation preceded him throughout the law enforcement community in North County.  Now the Ferguson Twitter Brigade has decided to look into his history.  As the title of my article suggests, I  think this may be worth looking into by any parties with the inclination to do so.

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New Years and Beyond

Like I said before, this New Years Eve (into Day) was oddly calm in relation to what’s been going on in North County lately and even in comparison to last year.  Still, if nothing else, New Years continues to be a reminder of the proliferation of firearms in the area and an utter disregard for basic safety protocols followed by responsible gun owners.

One other note, in case any of my readers had not heard, the individual going by the twitter handle of “JDSTL314,” aka Jason Valentine, was arrested for making terroristic threats last week.  I’m hopeful that his arrest will serve as a reminder to other protesters who have made similar threats and those that continue to walk a fine line bordering on the unacceptable.  Direct threats are not considered protected speech.

Short post today which hopefully is a sign of a trend.  The more limited the topics to write about, the more peaceful the situation!


I’ve seen a few comments minimizing the events in Ferguson when compared to riots in Europe.  I want to counter that argument with some audio footage I took of North County on New Years of 2014.  There is one big difference that separates these riots from otherwise similar events in Europe.  Listen to the audio and see if you can figure out what the major difference is.

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