A Community Implodes

20141125_ferg12 I was supposed to have Sunday (11/23) and Monday (11/24) off so naturally when Monday morning rolled around, I wasn’t able to sleep very well. Perpetual midnights has a tendency to make establishing a sleep pattern difficult, particularly if you deviate from that pattern on your days off. So I only slept for about three hours Monday morning and was awake by about eleven AM. After all, since I had the night off, I knew that I could go back to sleep for a few more hours later. Instead of sleep, I opted to go run some errands instead. Continue reading


I’ve seen a few comments minimizing the events in Ferguson when compared to riots in Europe.  I want to counter that argument with some audio footage I took of North County on New Years of 2014.  There is one big difference that separates these riots from otherwise similar events in Europe.  Listen to the audio and see if you can figure out what the major difference is.

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Bloody Sunday

A Week Later…


I arrived at the station that night at about 2040. I was on the road in a police car for maybe a minute and had traveled just outside of the parking lot, when I flipped on the scan function on my radio. Immediately, I heard, “Um… be advised, we’ve got several hundred… correction… several thousand demonstrators heading south on West Florissant toward the CP [Command Post].”
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“We’ve got to go.  They’re rioting in Ferguson,” my friend Rick said
quickly as I walked into the police station on the evening of August 10th,
2014.  I grabbed a set of keys from the wall and seconds later, we were in
a car together heading toward Ferguson, Missouri, a municipality in North
St. Louis County.  We didn’t work for Ferguson PD but we knew if they were
calling for our help, things weren’t going well.  “Officer-in-need-of-aid”
calls came through every so often and we would respond when they were
close.  However, from the start we knew this time was different.

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