Under Cover of Darkness


This is a new four part documentary I’m making on Ferguson.  The first part is being released today 7/20/2015.  To those who watched my earlier attempt at this concept, this video (while titled the same) is different.

Part 1 deals with the unrest in August of 2014.  RELEASED

Part 2 will deal with the immediate political / sociological situation in the St. Louis Region, the unrest in September and finally the Grand Jury preparations.

Part 3 will deal with the Grand Jury Decision and Aftermath.

Part 4 will deal with everything since November.

My Job

riot_policeI’ve seen a surge in views and comments over the last several days, most positive, but some of them negative. Most of the new responses have been directed at the post, “I’m Sick Of.” That post was largely just a collection of random heartfelt musings I had one night. It was not intended to have received quite the attention that it has in the last week, particularly when compared to other posts like “Dissonance” and “Bloody Sunday” which I feel are not only stronger posts but also much more important.



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Bloody Sunday

A Week Later…


I arrived at the station that night at about 2040. I was on the road in a police car for maybe a minute and had traveled just outside of the parking lot, when I flipped on the scan function on my radio. Immediately, I heard, “Um… be advised, we’ve got several hundred… correction… several thousand demonstrators heading south on West Florissant toward the CP [Command Post].”
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“We’ve got to go.  They’re rioting in Ferguson,” my friend Rick said
quickly as I walked into the police station on the evening of August 10th,
2014.  I grabbed a set of keys from the wall and seconds later, we were in
a car together heading toward Ferguson, Missouri, a municipality in North
St. Louis County.  We didn’t work for Ferguson PD but we knew if they were
calling for our help, things weren’t going well.  “Officer-in-need-of-aid”
calls came through every so often and we would respond when they were
close.  However, from the start we knew this time was different.

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