Defining Peace

IMG_20150714_094848A St. Louis Metro Officer was shot in the chest yesterday morning (7/14/15) in the Central West End while sitting in uniform in his personal car.  Fortunately, he was wearing his ballistic vest which worked as advertised.  He was transported to the hospital but is apparently going to be just fine.   fuppedwindowdressingThe officer managed to return fire through the windshield so it’s unclear from the cover picture which shots came from the officer and which came from the assassin.  Afterward, the shooter fled in what was described as a gray ford Taurus along with three additional people.

Sometime later, a gunshot victim who apparently drove a similar car checked himself into the hospital claiming to have been shot in the city around the time of the earlier incident.  It hasn’t been confirmed that this person is or is not formally a suspect, but it is rumored that the other individuals from the car have all been taken into custody in the interim.

The story is crazy enough as is, but not to be outdone, the Ferguson Twitter Brigade couldn’t leave well enough alone and took advantage of another opportunity to prove just how classless they are. Continue reading

Shots Fired, Officer Down

HT_ferguson_police_3_ml_150312_4x3_992I was going to avoid talking about last Wednesday, but after spending a little too much time on Twitter reading the mind numbingly stupid conspiracy theories that have come up in reference to the shootings, I changed my mind.  One particularly humorous set of comments below:

wowFor those of you who are not familiar with ammo, 9mm (.380), .40, and .45 are common and available at your local Walmart.  None are considered remotely rare.

Since Wednesday, I have heard theories including but not limited to:

-We shot at ourselves to drum up sympathy.

-The KKK shot the police in order to demonize protesters.

-White supremacists shot at the protesters, missed, and hit the police instead.

-The entire event is a hoax and no one was injured. Pictures of riot helmets with blood on them are doctored images.

Theories aside, here’s what really happened:


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