Witnesses: Darren Wilson Annotated

darren-wilson1The following abridged testimony of Darren Wilson took place on 09/16/2014.  As before, the pages are in reference to the 4799 page PDF that the New York Times compiled.  Of particular interest are the pages 865-951.

There was no indication of forgiveness for minor crimes like with Dorian Johnson. Seeing as this is his case there shouldn’t be any forgiveness, but there shouldn’t have been with Dorian either.  During the introduction Darren Wilson advises that he is a little short of 6 foot 3 inches tall and weighs around 210 lbs.

Prior to the incident on Canfield, Wilson was on a sick case involving a baby with a fever and her mother at Northwind Estates apartments down the road from Canfield Green. The mother and her baby were transported to the hospital. Continue reading


Deliberate Disclosures

target_00382623 copyThe last week or so has resulted in a number of strange leaks of inside information related to the Darren Wilson / Mike Brown investigation.  Some people are now speculating that due to the multitude of leaks being released that perhaps St. Louis County has a pretty good idea that Wilson will not be indicted and is trying to slowly release information so that it can be disseminated overtime as opposed to a sucker punch with an overwhelming drop of information.  I think there might actually be something to this theory.  However, I should note that if this theory is accurate, it doesn’t involve officers on the ground as I haven’t heard anything confirming or denying the idea.  Included below is a discussion of the leaks thus far as well as specific discussion of the official autopsy report.

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