Under Cover of Darkness

The following is a not-for-profit Winston Smith Documentary on the unrest in Ferguson.  It is projected to be a four part series.

  • Part 1: RELEASED 7/20/2015.
  • Part 2: RELEASED 8/1/2015.
  • Part 3: RELEASED 8/15/2015
  • Part 4: RELEASED 9/28/2015

8 thoughts on “Under Cover of Darkness

    • It was indeed Tom Jackson and the same night as his apology tour. Though there’s some discrepancy about whose idea it ultimately was, he randomly decided to partake in a protester March in front of the PD on S. Florissant that night which quickly degraded as his men tried to keep close to him.


  1. Part 4 was excellent (although that’s a poor word to describe the content). The WH seemed to be encouraging “protestors” by saying some of them were right. Those homemade bombs look exactly like footage of jihadists bombings going off in large crowds. Nobody should be continuing to support these “peaceful protestors” if they have seen footage like this.

    Thank you for continuing to post DWS. I hope you and your fellow officers are able to finish the year safely and without incident or violence against you.


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