Topical 1/8/15


  1. Black Person’s Grand Jury
  2. Attempted Domestic Terror Attack in Colorado Springs
  3. Disgruntled Grand Juror

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Witnesses: Dorian Johnson Annotated P1/2

dorian-johnson-hands-upThe following is my abridged edition of Dorian Johnson’s testimony to the Grand Jury. I think it’s important to read and as you go along, you’ll find my annotated commentary. Page 504 of 4799 page PDF starts Dorian Johnson’s testimony which took place at Justice Services in Clayton on 09/10/2014. It should be noted that at the beginning of the testimony Dorian and the assistant prosecutor discuss for the record that he is not under threat of prosecution for any type of minor criminal activity he admits to during his testimony. I understand why this was done, but it turns my stomach regardless.  This first entry will be testimony related to everything prior to Darren Wilson arriving.  The second entry I will post tomorrow will be all testimony once Darren Wilson arrives.

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Witnesses: Part II

74870004Crime Scene Detective #2, St. Louis County Police
(Pictured above is Darren Wilson, not the Detective)

All Page Numbers are in reference to total 4799 page PDF.

Summary of important topics:

  • -This detective arrived at the hospital at 1420.
  • -Darren Wilson was already in the emergency room.
  • -Visible marks to his face and neck.
  • -Blood on his pants.
  • -Blood on his shirt.
  • -Darren Wilson’s Gun was recovered at the Ferguson PD after leaving the hospital.
  • -Gun was not fingerprinted due to DNA swab for blood.
  • -Latent prints are unlikely to be present due to the conditions of a struggle. I can confirm this is consistent with the rarity of obtaining usable fingerprint evidence in the first place.
  • -One intact bullet was with the gun, indicating with previous witness 12 shots plus one in the chamber for Wilson’s Sig Sauer.

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Witnesses: Part I

74810024In the coming weeks I’m going to be working my way through the various testimony to the Grand Jury in the case of the Michael Brown shooting. This is a significant undertaking seeing as the PDF that I downloaded from the New York Times is 4799 pages. The page references to follow are in reference to the greater PDF and not the page numbers in the individual transcript documents.

First up is:

Crime Scene Detective #1, St. Louis County Police

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